Saint Louis University

Welcome back!

Whether it's been a few months, years or decades, we're happy to continue to share with and support our alumni. After all, communication is an ongoing process.

First, and foremost, we're excited to hear what you're doing! We have chronicled many alumni stories, but we're always eager to hear from you, too. But don't share it just with us. Our students often ask where our graduates go, and we have set up many one-on-one meetings, as well as providing alumni to speak in classes. If you're interested in working with our students, please contact us.

And if you're interested in a career change, we have career services available, as well as our faculty, who are more than happy to advise and assist you.

As for us, we have changed a lot. Some of the new changes you might notice:

You might also want to:

Much of our development became possible due to your input, your generosity and your ongoing support of our mission. For that, we thank you; and we hope to hear from you soon.