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April Trees

Associate Professor and Chair

  CMM 280; CMM 200; CMM 300; CMM 400; CMM 420; CMM 422; CMM 500; CMM 502; CMM 526
phone: 314-977-3144
fax: 314-977-3195
office hours: Wednesdays, 3:30 - 5:00

Degree: Ph.D.
University of Washington
Degree: M.A.
University of Washington
Degree: B.A.
Eastern Montana College

Journal Articles:

Koenig Kellas, J., Willer, E.K., & Trees, A. R. (2013). Communicated perspective-taking during stories of marital stress: Spouses' perceptions of one another's perspective-taking behaviors. Southern Communication Journal, 78, 326-351.

Thorson, A. R., Rittenour, C. E., Koenig Kellas, J., & Trees, A. (2013). Quality interactions and family storytelling. Communication Reports, 26, 1-13.

Koenig Kellas, J., Trees, A. R., Schrodt, P., LeClaire-Underberg, C., & Willer, E. (2010). Exploring links between well-being and interactional sense-making in married couples' jointly told stories of stress. Journal of Family Communication, 10. 174-193.

Book Chapters:

Trees, A. R. (in press). Support processes in the family. In L. Turner & R. West (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Family Communication. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Ohs, J. E., & Trees, A. R. (in press). Making sense of end-of-life care decisions in families: An application of relational dialectics theory. In M. Brann (Ed.), Contemporary case studies in health communication: Theoretical and applied approaches. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Koenig Kellas, J., & Trees, A. R. (2013) Family stories and storytelling: Windows into the family soul. In A. Vangelisti (Ed.), Handbook of Family Communication (2nd Ed., pp. 391-406). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

and Speaking 
Trees, A.R., Shelton, A., Dewes, A., & Abendschein, B. (2012, November). Goals for giving advice and reasons for withholding advice: Support providers’ explanations for their advice choices during problem talk conversations. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, Interpersonal Division, Orlando, FL. / Koenig Kellas, J. K., Willer, E. K., & Trees, A. R. (2011, November). Communicated perspective-taking: Spouses’ perceptions of each others’ behaviors during stories of marital stress. Competitively selected paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. / Trees, A. R., (November, 2010). This is exhausting and I don’t even know what to say: Challenges for support providers in problem talk conversations. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Conference, San Francisco, CA. / Trees, A. R., & Koenig Kellas, J. (November, 2010). Couples coping with marital stress: Analyzing the content and process of jointly told stories and their links to individual and relational well-being. Presentation on a panel we organized on The Dark (and Bright) Sides of Narrative Inquiry about the Family presented at the National Communication Association Conference, San Francisco, CA. / (March, 2010) Invited participant in an NSF sponsored workshop on the Science of Team Science, Orlando, FL.
Honors and 
2010 Journal of Family Communication Article of the Year award
Family Storytelling, Relational Communication, Social Support, Nonverbal Communication, Facework and Identity
Narrative: I find relationships and the ways in which we construct them through talk fascinating. In the area of relational communication, I have two main lines of research. One focuses on how conversations and stories about difficult experiences can be beneficial for making sense of and managing stressors, particularly in the family. This includes research on family storytelling as well as social support processes more generally. The second focuses on the ways in which identity concerns are managed in and shaped by communicative practices. Across these areas of research, I have an ongoing interest in the intersection of verbal and nonverbal communication in relational processes.
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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