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It's the easiest and most fun way to learn about the fascinating world of advertising - without worrying about your GPA. You'll get to visit advertising agencies and production studios. You'll meet copywriters, art directors, creative directors, account executives and commercial directors. You'll work on ad campaigns for real clients, and get a chance to get involved in the National Student Advertising Competition - the College World Series of Advertising .

You will become an official member of the American Advertising Federation, attend advertising functions and get involved in agency activities. Club members may spend a day or two attending various events held by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) such as Mosaic Career Fairs & Conferences to learn about internships and career opportunities from recruiters representing some of the nation's top advertising, marketing, and communications companies. In addition, students will get a chance to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the advertising industry by participating in the Most Promising Multicultural Students Program, which aims to promote companies and agencies to commit to diversity and inclusion through their creative work and organization-wide initiatives.

Get to know the business and the people who make it happen. Find out if you want to make it your business. And above all, have a real blast doing it. To find out more, attend a meeting. Get together with the gang that likes to party a lot while they learn a lot.

 Curious about our work? Checkout our NSAC Portfolio.

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