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The expertise of our faculty members spans the communication discipline, comprising interpersonal communication, rhetoric, journalism, intercultural studies, organizational communication, public relations, and advertising. In addition to our theoretical knowledge, many of us also contribute our non-academic professional experience to our teaching. We have worked within a variety of companies and organizations in the areas of advertising, community outreach, consulting, government, health, public relations, multimedia journalism, and research.



April Trees, Chair
Ph.D., University of Washington
Diana B. Carlin
Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Matt Carlson
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Kathleen Farrell
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Mary R. Gould
Ph.D., University of Utah
Cynthia Graville-Smith
M.Ed., University of Missouri
Amber Hinsley
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Tim Huffman
Ph.D., Arizona State University

Amber Johnson
M.A., Pennsylvania State University
Ilwoo Ju
Ph.D., University of
Dan Kozlowski,
Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D. University of North Carolina 
Hyunmin Lee
Ph.D., University of Missouri 
Jonathan Mabee
M.F.A., Southern Illinois University
Avis Meyer
Ph.D., Saint Louis University
Jennifer Ohs
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth Richard,
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D., Arizona State University
Karla Danette Scott
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Nancy Wilson
Ph.D., University of Missouri


Visiting Faculty

Deborah Macey
Visiting Professor

Jennifer Korte
M.A., Webster University 


Adjunct Faculty

Taylor Ashford
Office: XH 321
Phone: 314-977-5143
Erik Lunsford
Office: XH 321
Phone: 314-977-7568
Sabrina Marsh
Office: XH 321
Phone: 314-977-2921
Donna Moody
Office: XH 319
Phone: 314-977-3345
Lindsey L. Ninmer
Office: XH 319
Phone: 314-977-5143
Teak Phillips
Office: XH 321
Phone: 314-977-7568

Professor Emeritus

Rob Anderson
Ph.D., University of Missouri
Robert Krizek
Ph.D., Arizona State University



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