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Admissions and Funding

Students apply directly to Graduate Education at Saint Louis University.

All applications are now completed electronically. The following materials should be submitted for the application:

1. Graduate Education Application Form

2. Updated resume

3. Three letters of recommendation preferably from professors or other academic contacts, but we will accept professional recommendations. Letters of recommendation are submitted electronically by the recommenders.

4. Academic transcripts from all institutions attended

5. Personal Statement: This statement should address why you are interested in attending graduate school in general and the Department of Communication at Saint Louis University specifically.

6. GRE scores

7. The Personal Potential Index - the PPI asks recommenders to evaluate traits that research indicates may contribute to success in graduate programs. The link for the PPI is This site will give you necessary information to set up a free account (for GRE test takers) and submit names for your references. A sample report is also available.

The Index asks you to provide the names of (3-5) references who will receive a link to the PPI. The PPI is not a reference of your cognitive skills or classroom record. It is a reference about non-cognitive skills such as decision-making, teamwork, or ability to deal with disappointment that have been found to have an impact on success in graduate programs. Do not use the same references as you have for your reference letters (which serve a different purpose) unless those references can also comment on the non-cognitive skills. Employers, individuals who supervised internships or community service, or anyone who can speak to the skills covered by the PPI are the best references.

Applicants will receive an email each time a reference has submitted the form, and when all are in, you will need to go to your account to complete the final step that will send the information to Saint Louis University.

8. Students for whom English is a second language should also submit TOEFL scores.



The Department of Communication carefully reviews each applicant's material as a package to gain an overall understanding of his/her background, goals, and abilities. Subsequently, there are no minimum GRE or GPA requirements. Successful applicants typically have GRE scores in the range of 153 Verbal, 144 Quantitative, and 4.0 Analytical Writing with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. The Graduate Committee may admit applicants whose scores vary from these guidelines based upon fit with our program, past experiences, or letters of recommendation.

Our program is reading and writing intensive. We have found that international students who achieve success in our program tend to have IBT TOEFL scores at or above 100/120 Total, 25/30 Reading, and 25/30 Writing.

General application deadlines:
Your completed application and all supporting documents should be received by:

• Summer Session - April 1
• Fall Semester - July 1 (International Students, May 1)
• Spring Semester - November 1(International Students, October 1)

Students who want to be considered for an assistantship must submit their application along with the request to be considered for an assistantship by January 15. The assistantship request goes directly to the department.

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