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Communication Graduate Program Funding

The Department of Communication offers approximately twelve graduate assistantships each year for teaching, research and professional endeavors. We award assistantships on a yearly basis (renewable for up to 2 years) and normally only to students who enter our program during a fall semester. Assistants typically work 20 hours a week in their assigned area and receive a tuition waiver, stipend, and health insurance for the contract period. The availability of assistantships varies and is dependent upon University approval.

In order to receive full consideration for funding, students should complete their Graduate Education Admission Packages and submit an Application for Department of Communication Assistantship Form to the Department of Communication by January 15. Applications received after that date may be considered for funding based upon availability.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) - Teaching assistants are responsible for 2 courses per semester. Typically, they are the primary instructor for public speaking. Contract Period: August - May

Research Assistants (RAs) - Research assistants are assigned to individual professors based upon the needs of the department and the interests of the students. The actual tasks of a research assistant are determined by which professor he/she works with, but as a general guideline research assistants assist the professor with collecting existing literature about a current research project, data collection, or data analysis.

Professional Assistants - Professional assistants work either in the department or with an outside organization. Professional assistantships usually are assigned to students who are interested in advertising, journalism, or public relations. Click here for a complete list.

Presidential and Diversity Fellowships - The Department of Communication may nominate one student seeking a master's degree each year for a Presidential or Diversity Fellowship. The Presidential and Diversity Fellowships are awarded to newly accepted Master's or Doctoral level students who demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement and potential for success in Graduate Education. Applicants are nominated by their departments, and Graduate Education at Saint Louis University's Presidential or Diversity Fellowship Committee makes the final recommendation. Applicants for the Diversity Fellowship must demonstrate a commitment to leadership in promoting diversity in the discipline and other attributes identified by his/her discipline that will contribute to the discipline's goal of diversity. If you would like to be considered for nomination, please contact the Graduate Director. Applicants must have a completed graduate application package by February 1st. Contract Period July - May. See a more detailed description here.

To seek other financial assistance, such as federal or state grants or loans, contact the University's Office of Student Financial Services.

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