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Through their coursework students develop fluency in communication theory that can be used to solve practical problems. Students also learn to ask thoughtful questions and find engaging answers by building the skill-set necessary to develop research protocols, evaluate messages, analyze data, and share these findings with various stakeholders.

At the backdrop of their study is St. Louis, a diverse urban setting that is also a larger social, corporate, and media center. Drawing from this unique environment, students have access to a dynamic research setting in which to examine the organizational, social, and cultural issues that are occurring globally.

Our program prepares students for greater responsibilities in a range of professions including advertising, corporate communications, higher education, human resources, journalism, politics, public relations, and training and development. Our recent graduates are working for companies such as FleishmanHillard, Maritz, Monsanto, Corizon Health, the Carolina Hurricanes, the National Catholic Reporter, SLU, and Express Scripts. In addition, we have an excellent track record placing graduates in strong Ph.D. programs for students who want to continue their graduate work in communication.

We offer evening classes and part-time and full-time options. Graduate assistantships are available in the department each year for teaching, research, and professional endeavors.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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