Saint Louis University

Check out our new Communication Department internships site!

Internships are a key element of securing a desirable job after graduation. The skills you will gain and the experiences you have are what will set you apart from other graduates. Your internship experience will allow you to practice what you've learned in theory and immerse yourself in the culture of the communication industry.

Internship opportunities are valuable because they help you narrow your career options and they give you a distinct advantage over the competition. Take advantage of meaningful internship opportunities, ones that help you develop personally and professionally. The best opportunities boost your resume and portfolio, provide opportunities for networking, result in excellent references, often lead to permanent employment, and make the transition from your academic life to your professional life much smoother.

As you gain experience interviewing and interning, you should also gain confidence in your abilities and discover your personal brand. The more experience you gain the more prepared you will be when seeking permanent employment after graduation.

Resources for Communication Students

The Department of Communication has launched a new site for up-to-date internship offerings and links to regularly-opening spots for St. Louis-area students.  If you're a local organization looking to host SLU students, please contact Cynthia Graville-Smith.  

The Urban Advantage

SLU is located next to Grand Center; the arts district is one of the most exciting areas in St. Louis. Our location in the heart of a large urban center means that you will have a wide variety of internship opportunities in corporate, nonprofit, and media organizations. Many of our students have found that being in walking distance of St. Louis Public Radio and Channel 9 Public Television, for example, is ideal for internships. St. Louis is also home to a number of advertising and public relations agencies and to a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations, many located right here in Midtown.

Securing an internship

Our urban location and alumni connections offer diverse internship opportunities in nonprofit and media organizations as well as large corporations. To learn more about finding internships, getting the most out of your internship, and for credit internship structure and requirements contact Cynthia Graville-Smith.

Internships for-credit must be approved by Cynthia Graville-Smith prior to beginning the internship.