Policies & Procedures

Other Communication Computer Labs

The key to rooms 207 and 236 is available to student workers. If class is not in session students may be granted access to these rooms. No students are allowed in rooms 207 and/or 236 after the CMC Lab has closed.

Using the computers in the CMC Lab

To use the computers in the CMC Lab you must be registered for a Communication course or have a declared Major/Minor in Communication.

For assistance, call ITS to request access at (977-4000, opt. 5).


Printing is available free of charge (color and black/white) for students printing assignments for Communication classes only. In other words, you can't print an assignment for Theology.

Black/White Printing

The black/white printer is the default printer for all the computers in the CMC. It is located near the equipment room. All computers in the lab are/should be connected to it.

Color Printing

Color printing is also free of charge. It is only connected to one computer in the lab which has no internet. Printing is only for Communication classes. If a student wishes to print in color they must ask a student worker to print the assignment for them and have their assignment on a flash drive. The computer connected to the color printer is password protected and can be accessed using the user name and password (taped on the inside of the second drawer along the counter). This info should be input by the student worker.

Equipment Checkout

Only students in Communication classes for whom a professor has filled out a Check Out Privileges form may check out equipment, and this is only during the time designated on the form.

Checkout Policies

Students are responsible for all information written on their class check-out form. Late equipment results in loss of checkout privileges. Students are responsible for any damage and/or loss of equipment that occurs between check-out and check-in, so taking care of the equipment is of extreme importance.

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