Saint Louis University

Technology has a home at SLU.

New software and digital devices are fun to use, but without knowledge of their effectiveness, they just create "stuff."

Equipped with an intellectual understanding of communication theory and practice, our students transform digital "stuff" into meaningful, compelling projects.

From filming to finishing, our students develop the skills necessary for an expanding digital world. But the skills they learn aren't just technical. Students apply the essential concepts of effective communication that they learn in the classroom to their projects in the labs. With this combination of knowledge and ability, our students graduate with confidence about their capacity to create compelling, integrated communication campaigns.

The Communication Media Center is the hub of student productions. Here, students not only practice in a variety of media, but, as the name suggests, collaborate with one another, as well. Working independently or as a group, students get hands-on experience with current technology, including:

  • digital cameras and video recorders, for image and video production
  • dual-screen Macs, to create, edit and refine class and club projects
  • advanced audio equipment, for interviewing and creating sound clips

In addition to the Communication Media Center, students have access to separate audio/visual and multimedia production studios and interview and research rooms, as well as several computer classrooms.

Stuck? Need to try an idea? Cynthia Graville-Smith, our media center director, will be glad to offer an opinion and lend a hand. And there's always fellow classmates. Our goal is learning, and in our digital labs, that often means learning together.

Want to rent the A/V Studio for your video production project? Contact Jon Mabee for rates and availability.