CMM 210: News Writing
Creator: Elizabeth Bartek & Katherine Cundari
Type: Article published by KMOV News
Title: Students Offer a Unique Perspective on New Voter Legislation
Description: (St. Louis) -- Students and young voters at Saint Louis University are providing fresh opinions about two new bills passed by Missouri legislators last month that may require voters to present Missouri photo identification at the polling place. Read more

CMM 210: News Writing
Creator: Hallie Kaiser & Madison Larkin
Type: Article published by KMOV News
Title: New athletic fee gives hope of more school spirit at SLU
Description: (St. Louis) -- Feedback has remained positive after students passed an athletic fee referendum during the 2011 Saint Louis University Student Government Association elections on Feb. 28. The referendum entailed a new fee of $15 added onto each student's tuition each semester. Despite this additional cost for students, reviews have largely been positive. Read more.

CMM 210: News Writing
Creator: Julia Christensen & Kelsey Vaughan
Type: Article published by KMOV News
Title: Study Abroad Changes Geared to Make Students Feel Closer to Home
Description: (St. Louis) -- Changes may be in the works for the Study Abroad program at Saint Louis University in regards to its ability to enhance the student experience. According to Tim Hercules, director of Student Educational Services and International Services, the university is planning on integrating a welcome back program for students returning to SLU after studying abroad. Read more.

CMM 410: Multiplatform Journalism
Creator: Bess Menousek
Type: Writing
Title: Big Brothers Big Sisters Helps Education Efforts in STL Public Schools
Description: Many St. Louis residents criticize the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS), but Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri (BBBS) is celebrating them. In 2007 the state of Missouri turned the SLPS board over to a three-member Special Administrative Board in an effort to improve poor test scores, attendance, and graduation rates. Read more.

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