CMM 393-01: Sports Documentary
Type: Video
Title: "The softball life of Jessica Buschjost"
Description: This documentary film by Writer/Producer/Director/Editor Sebastian Bautz explores the obstacles one softball player must overcome to continue her athletic career. 


CMM 393: Community Storytelling
Type: Video 
Description: In the videos below, students worked with community partner Support Dogs, Inc. to design a digital project that benefited the public outreach/media needs of the organization. Check out some of the great work Communication students did on behalf of this community partner!




CMM 410: Multiplatform Journalism
Creator: Evita Caldwell
Type: Video
Title: The Battle of Urban Decay in St. Louis
Description: How can St. Louis improve city life and fight urban decay? Communication student Evita Caldwell interviews current and former city residents in addition to experts to generate ideas.


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