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Journalism and Media Studies

The Journalism and Media Studies Concentration prepares students to succeed in a constantly evolving media landscape. Courses in this concentration teach students the skills that are essential to work in media organizations, along with the requisite skills to evaluate and adapt to changes in media during their careers. We also emphasize understanding the development of social media and their relation to traditional media.

Courses in this concentration expose students to a wide range of technologies, theoretical perspectives, ethical decision-making skills and writing across media platforms. While the range of potential courses is flexible, all courses stress the need to think critically about news and entertainment media.

Our campus facilities provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in several media, including The University News, KSLU, SLU TV, and our department's Digital Media Club. 

The department competitively awards a handful of $1,500 Dan Kelly Scholarships in Broadcast Journalism each year. Patrick Daniel "Dan" Kelly was a sportscaster best known for his radio play-by-play coverage for the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League. Communication majors who plan to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and who meet the requirements can apply for the scholarship.

Careers in Journalism and Media Studies

This concentration can lead to careers in ...

Copy Editing Multiplatform Journalism
Documentary Production Newspapers
Graphic Arts Photojournalism
Magazine Publishing Radio
Media Research Television Production
Media Buying





Concentration Requirements 

In addition to the Communication core requirements (13 hours), students in this concentration take:

Writing (3 Hours) 

2100 Journalism: Newswriting  

Foundations (choose 6 hours)

Choose two of the following:

3420 Literary Journalism

3440 Media Ethics
3840 Analysis of Popular Culture
4350 Stereotyping and Bias in the Mass Media
4410 Critical Perspectives on Journalism
4420 Free Expression
4430 Culture, Technology & Communication
4440 History of Journalism

Production Practices & Applications (3 hours)

Any Communication course designated as a Production/Technology course may be taken to fulfill this requirement. 

Research/Applications (6 hours)

Choose six hours from the courses below; at least 3 hours must be a writing course (marked by *):

*3110 Feature Writing

3510 Studio Production

*3120 Media Scriptwriting

3520 Sports Documentary

*3130 Editorial & Opinion Writing

3560 Publication Design

*3140 Essay Writing

3800 Interviewing & Listening

*3150 Reviewing the Arts

4100 Multiplatform Journalism

*4160 Editing

4590 Advanced Video Practicum

2510 Video Production and Design

4810 Digital Storytelling

2550 Photojournalism

4910 Internship (with faculty permission)


An additional six hours may be taken from any of the courses in the Communication curriculum.
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For more information on the Journalism and Media Studies concentration, contact Dr. Carlson, Dr. Hinsley, Dr. Kozlowski, or Dr. Meyer.

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