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Leadership, Organizing and Relating

In today's rapidly changing world, it isn't enough to know how to continue the status quo; responsible members of society must be able to help shape the future. Developments in technology, increased globalization of our economy, and shifting populations mean that our world, our organizations, our communities and even our families are no longer static and fixed. In fact, the only constant in today's world is a continual process of change. The successful leader will be the one who can adapt and continually facilitate innovation and reorganization in response to that change.

The concentration in Leadership, Organizing and Relating explores how individuals organize in relation to one another across interpersonal, group, organizational and social contexts, providing students with a unique but transferable set of skills, including the ability to create persuasive messages, interact with diverse groups of people and use the latest technology to enhance the process of organizing.

Students completing this concentration will learn the value of relational communication for developing and maintaining connections with others, skillfully communicate in work teams in a variety of contexts and understand and critically analyze organizational processes. Students may tailor their educational experience to specific organizing contexts or industries, including international business, health care, insurance, government and hospitality.

Careers in Leadership, Organizing, and Relating

This concentration can lead to careers in the commercial and non-profit sectors, including:

Interpersonal & Community Outreach   
Corporate Communication
Director of Volunteer Services
Organizational Consultant   
Wellness Project Manager
Director of Communication
Student/Residential Life Director Training and Development
Case Advocate Market Researcher
Fundraising Customer Service Representative
Relocation Specialist Human Resources
Medical Educator/Promoter Corporate Support Services Manager
Director of Community Relations Sales and Marketing









Concentration Requirements

In addition to the Communication core requirements (16 hours), students in this concentration take:

Writing (3 hours)
2120 Message Design

Foundations (9 hours)

Choose two of the following:

3000 Interpersonal Communication
3200 Organizational Communication
4200 Leadership and Teams

Choose three additional hours from courses above or below:

3090 Health Communication 4210 Organizational Culture
3900 Sports Communication 4220 Conflict, Mediation & Negotiation
3300 Intercultural Communication 4240 Training & Development
3800 Interviewing & Listening 4430 Culture, Technology & Communication
4000 Family Communication






Production Practices & Applications (3 hours)

Any Communication course designated as a Production/Technology course may be taken to fulfill this requirement.  

Capstone (3 hours)
4960 Research Capstone


Electives (6 hours)

An additional six hours may be taken from any of the classes in the Communication curriculum.
Download the full Communication program curriculum

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For more information on the Leadership, Organizing and Relating concentration, contact Dr. Ohs or Dr. Trees.

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