Saint Louis University

Fall 2017 Course Descriptions

Major in Communication

Our undergraduate program provides students with a comprehensive communication education. Our faculty members take pride in our blended approach to theory and application, emphasizing understanding while cultivating ability. As a result, our students graduate with the knowledge of how to communicate both effectively and ethically.

At SLU, we offer students three* areas of concentration in the communication discipline.

Minor in Communication

We also offer a minor in Communication, an option many students pursue to increase their versatility. In addition, our department participates in several interdisciplinary minors in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Cook School of Business. 

Internships and Activities

To enhance our students' educational experience, we provide an expansive internship program. Many of our students take advantage of internship opportunities each year. Internships provide valuable experience and offer students a chance to identify and refine their career interests and strengths.

In addition to internships, our students participate in many activities outside the classroom, such as:

With these opportunities and more, our program offers SLU students of all interests a balanced, diverse education in Communication.

*Beginning in the catalog year Fall 2015/Spring 2016, the Communication Department will be offering three concentration areas instead of five. If you declared a concentration area prior to this catalog (2014/2015 or earlier), please refer to this page for information about your program requirements.