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Lynda Campbell Memorial Lecture Series:Topics in Diversity

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This seminar series is to honor the contributions of former Chair and Associate Professor, Lynda R. Campbell, Ph.D. Her research and teachings in multiculturalism were an inspiration to her students, colleagues and members of the community. This series features nationally known scholars who present day long seminars on issues in diversity. The lecture series will continue Dr. Campbell's mission of increasing knowledge and understanding of diversity. This series is held each spring and fall and is open to all who are interested.  For information on current lecture  email


  Fall Silvia Martinez, Ed.D, CCC/SLP  Health Literacy and Literacy as a Determinants to Health Status: Issues and Strategies for Clinicians
  Spring Yvette D. Hyter, Ph.D, CCC/SLP Understanding Your World, Crossing Boundaries, and Engaging Sustainable Practice: Lessons from the African Continent
  Fall Nidhi Mahendra, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Culture, Dementia, & Ethnicity: The intersection and its implication for speech-language pathologists
  Spring Catherine Crowley, CCC-SLP, J.D., Ph.D. International Service that Really Serves: Experiences in Latin America and Africa
  Fall T. Rosario Roman, MS, CCC-SLP Developing Culturally Relevant Assessment and Intervention Strategies
  Spring Brooke Hallowell, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Global Perspective on Aging, Disability, and Access to Care in the Developing World
  Fall Jose` G. Centeno, Ph. D., CCC-SLP Bilingual Aphasia Management in Multilingual-Multicultural Communities
  Spring Lindsay Carey, M.App,, Ph.D, & Christa Carey-Sargeant, M.S.P.A.A. The Role of Health Care Clinicians in Spirituality and Interfaith Holistic Care
  Fall Celeste Roseberry-McKibben, Ph.D. Service Delivery to Low SES Students with Potential/Identified Language Impairments
  Spring Exequiel Plaza, MSc Communication Disorders and Poverty in Latin America
  Fall Tommie Robinson, Ph.D. ASHA's Multicultural Agenda: The Coming of Age
  Spring Carol Westby, Ph.D. Reducing the Educational Gap in English Language Learners
  Fall Angela Ciccia, Ph.D. The Inside Scoop: The Diverse World of Pre-teen and Teen TBI
  Spring Ken Bleile, Ph.D. Developmental Speech Disorders: An International Perspective
  Fall Michele L. Norman, Ph.D. Normal and Pathological Aging Across Diverse Populations
  Spring Kathryn Kohnert, Ph.D. Intervention: Bilingual Children and Adults with Primary Language Impairment
  Fall Dolores E. Battle, Ph.D. Multiculturalism, Language, and Literacy: Evidence for Practice
  Spring Angela N. Burda, Ph.D. Accent Addition with Second Language Learners
  Fall Adele Proctor, Sc.D. TBI in Diverse Pediatric Populations: Educational and Medical Issues
  Spring Carol Westby, Ph.D. 21st Century Literacy in a Diverse World
  Fall Celeste Rosebury-McKibbin, Ph.D. Service Delivery to Language Impaired Children From Low-Income Backgrounds: Assessment and Intervention Considerations
  Spring Sharon Glennon, Ph.D. Language Development and Disorders in Internationally Adopted Children
  Fall Yvette D. Hyter, Ph.D. Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Contextualizing the Lives of Children Affected by Trauma
  Spring Ida J. Stockman, Ph.D. Identifying Language Delay in African American Preschoolers and Infusing Multicultural Issues into the Curriculum: A Nationwide Survey
  Fall Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, Ph.D. Leadership and Diversity: A Quest for Learning, Collaborating, and Excellence
  Spring Toya Wyatt, Ph.D. Clinical Issues in the Delivery of Speech and Language Services to African-American Children and Families
  Fall Hortencia G. Kayser, Ph.D. Speech Language Assessment of Bilingual Preschoolers
  Spring Brian Goldstein, Ph.D.

Gloriajean L. Wallace, Ph.D.
Assessment and Intervention of Bilingual Children

Lifespan Health Issues and Diversity/Inclusion
  Fall Frederick H. Hall, Ph.D. Education and Classroom Issues in Multiculturalism
  Orlando L. Taylor, Ph.D. Culture and Communication Behaviors and Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities in New America
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