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Child Language Disorders Lab

The Child Language Disorders Lab is directed by Sara Steele, Ph.D., Associate Professor and certified speech-language pathologist. The mission of the Child Language Disorders Lab is to more fully understand the relationship between spoken and written language disorders in the school-age population. The focus of current research is on investigating how children use their language skills, whether impaired or normal, to build vocabulary knowledge during reading activities and determining the most appropriate and effective vocabulary intervention strategies for school-age children with language disorders.

Social Communication Lab

The Social Communication Lab is under the direction of Deborah Hwa-Froelich, Ph.D, Professor and certified speech-language pathologist. Her research focuses on social factors related to communication development, including socio-cultural, socio-economic, and social-emotional variables and their impact on children with language disorders. The lab includes digital editing capabilities and workstations for four assistants.

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