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Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic Community Outreach Programs and Services

The department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Saint Louis University has established early intervention partnerships to identify potential problems in communication disorders and to help at risk children achieve full development of language and early literacy skills.  These partnerships include the following private, parochial and community based schools and programs: 

Grace Hill Head Start Centers - Preschool children from low socioeconomic environments who benefit from push in facilitation and pull out direct services for speech and language development.  Additional services include early identification through screening in the areas of phonology, language, voice and fluency.  Where appropriate, students may receive comprehensive speech and language evaluations. 

St. Louis Catholic Academy - Parochial schools grades Pre-K-8 with a special emphasis on literacy through teacher training, classroom supports and implementation of Power of Words (a specialty program for assessment and intervention of reading and writing difficulties at grades 4-6). Students receive the opportunity to conduct speech/language screenings for pre-K and kindergarten classes to identify children with possible language delays and, when needed, arrange a comprehensive communication evaluation at the department's Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. 

Health Resource Center - The Saint Louis University School of Medicine has been committed to providing free primary health care services in an academic environment.  In support of this commitment, the students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders provide free speech and hearing screenings to families in the St. Louis area who use this service. 

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