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The Early Childhood Language/Literacy Center (ECLC) Program is a language/literacy classroom-based preschool program within the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. The ECLC serves young children who may have communication impairments, as well as their families. The program also provides graduate students with an excellent in-house clinical practicum opportunity. A full-time CSD faculty member serves as the director of the program and provides comprehensive clinical instruction for the graduate students.

The ECLC is located on the lower level of McGannon Hall within the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. The ECLC includes a large multi-purpose room with learning centers, a fully equipped kitchen, a restroom facility, laundry facility, and outdoor playground equipped with recreational equipment. Average clinician to child ratio never exceeds one clinician for every three children, with a maximum class size of twelve children.

The ECLC program embraces the position of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as a guiding philosophy in providing a developmentally appropriate program for young learners. The ECLC curriculum and routine provide a learning environment that is interactive, social, language- and literacy-rich, and activity based. Children will learn by doing, talking, listening, and acting on objects in the context of meaningful social-communicative interactions with both children and adults. The ECLC program integrates a balanced approach to speech/language and literacy instruction that has been described in the literature base by leading researchers in both speech/language development and emergent literacy. The ECLC practices and literature-based interventions use both functional and explicit instructional experiences that include oral language and speech development and experiences with listening, reading, writing, and spelling. Storybooks and content themes provide coherence for communication/language, literacy, and speech learning opportunities across all classroom activities.

Focused speech/language stimulation and interventions are embedded in the natural context of the child's participation in the classroom routine in individual, small and large group activities. Daily activities include focused stimulation and explicit instruction to facilitate receptive, oral, and pragmatic language skills, speech intelligibility, social and symbolic play skills, and early literacy. Articulation/phonology therapy activities to improve children's speech intelligibility and to increase their phonological awareness and sound-letter correspondence knowledge is also integrated in all classroom activities, and more specifically during daily small group and/or individual sessions conducted within the classroom. Individualized goals and objectives are collaboratively developed for each child with his/her parent/ caregivers.

ECLC Contact

Kellie Dalton - Clinical Secretary 

  • For more information please call the clinic 314-977-3365
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