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Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Program

Research opportunities

 Undergraduate students in CSD are encouraged to participate in research activities, either faculty-guided independent research or as a research assistant. Such activities provide learning e xperiences outside the classroom and serve to focus interest in the discipline. In addition to enriching the undergraduate curriculum, engaging in research is a valuable way to prepare for graduate studies. The goal of undergraduate research in CSD is for the student to increase:Senior Capstone Project

  • a focused knowledge base
  • self-confidence
  • critical thinking skills
  • effec tive communication skills (including presentation, research and technological skills as defined by the nature of the project)

 Capstone Experience

 Purpose: to provide an integrative experience for seniors that ties together the key learning objectives identified by the department that are consistent with the five dimensions as described in the mission of the University.

This experience is required for all seniors and is incorporated in one of two places in the curriculum:    Senior Seminar (CSDI 480 - 1 credit hour) or the Research Seminar (CSDI 405 - 1 credit hour) and Research Practicum (CSDI 406 - 1 credit hour) sequence.

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Undergraduate Research
Current undergraduate research that has received funding support from the College of Arts and Sciences: 

Alport Mice and Hypoxia: cochlear or Systemic?
Krysta Gasser, Senior
Michael Anne Gratton, Ph.D., Department of Otolaryngology, Faculty Mentor

EVT-2 Error Analysis: Low-income Children with and without Language Impairment
Megan Diestelmeier, Senior
Sara Steele, Ph.D., Faculty Mentor

The Effects of Tablet Computing on Early Literacy Learning
Marilynn Pathiyil, Senior             
Richard McGuire, Ph.D., Faculty Mentor

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