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Our Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences.  We currently have more than 100 undergraduate students enrolled in our programs and 30 graduate students.  Our students are diverse in their interests, backgrounds, and country of origin.  Listed below are the programs.  You can find more detail information by clicking on a particular program's link.

Undergraduate ProgramsGraduate Programs
Environmental Science Geoscience:
Environmental Studies        Environmental Science
Geology        Geology
Geophysics        Geophysics
Meteorology Meteorology

Contact Dr. Encarnacion if you have questions about environmental science, studies, and geology programs.

Contact Dr. Graves if you have questions about undergraduate meteorology programs. 

Contact Dr. Herrmann if you have questions about graduate geoscience programs. 

Contact Dr. Pan if you have questions about graduate meteorology program.

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