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Geology Graduate Program

Saint Louis University has a long tradition in Geoscience education including fundamental contributions to observational and theoretical Geophysics. Our department was founded by Dr. James B. Macelwane, S. J., an exceptional scientist, influential president of the American Geophysical Union, and the namesake of a prestigious national geophysics award for outstanding young scientists. His successors, who were also outstanding scientists, include Dr. William Stauder, S. J., who made important studies of subduction-zone faulting processes during the development of plate tectonics, and Dr. Otto Nuttli, who made fundamental contributions to our understanding of intra-plate earthquakes including the great 1811-1812 New Madrid, Missouri earthquakes.  Our traditional research strength is in Seismology and Geophysics, and we have more than 50 alumni in the petroleum industry, government agencies, and academia.

To address a broader range of inter- and multi-disciplinary research challenges we have expanded our research expertise and developed Master's degree programs in the broader discipline of Geoscience. 

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