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The Geophysics program at Saint Louis University

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Geophysics

Overview:  Geophysics is the study of the Earth.

Curriculum: Areas of study include earth's dynamic systems, mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, seismology and engineering physics.

Careers in the Field: A degree in the geosciences prepares students for a variety of interesting careers. Many geoscientists work in industry or for government agencies concerned with oil and natural gas exploration and production, mining, water resources, civil engineering, waste and pollution management, environmental impact assessment, conservation and land management, policy analysis and implementation education. A valuable asset that students acquire in our program is the solid background in critical thinking, effective communication and computer use. A minor in the geosciences is an excellent complement to a major in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, environmental law, or journalism.

Faculty MembersDrs. Crossley, Herrmann, Warren, Zhu.

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