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The Global Geodynamics Project (GGP)

The Global Geodynamics Project (GGP) is an international program that has two primary objectives.  The first and primary objective is to record the Earth's gravity field with high accuracy at a number of worldwide stations using superconducting gravimeters.  The data is used in an extensive set of studies of the Earth, ranging from global motions of the whole Earth to the surficial gravity effects of atmospheric pressure and groundwater.  The second objective of GGP is to maintain standards for the deployment of all superconducting gravimeters, including site, instrument, data acquisition, and processing guidelines for SG instruments, as acknowledged by agreements between the SG groups. For some of the GGP sites, the most recent data is temporarily restricted and will become available one or two years after collection. For other GGP sites, the data is available as soon as it has been sent to ICET, without restriction. Interested scientists can contact ICET, or the persons below, for details. Useful site links and other related information about gravimetry are also on this site.

You can find more information at the Global Geodynamics Project homepage.  You can also contact David Crossley (Chairman) at, or Jacques Hinderer (Secretary) at

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