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Buckley, Camille BS Env. Science
Cady, Timothy BS Meteorology
Deeba, Emily BS Env. Science
Fitz, Hillary BS Env. Science
Griggs, Jeffrey BS Geology
Heun, Thomas BS Meteorology
Pfeifer, Emily BS Env. Science Public Service Assistant, Missouri Department of Conservation
Trojniak, Sarah PhD Meteorology
Yin, Yue MS Meteorology
Arenberg, Mary BS Env. Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ash, Kyle BS Env. Science
Bernett, Laura BS Env. Science SLU Mathematics staff
Brinkman, Jacob BS Geology SLU, MS
Cadigan, Alexander BS Geology Lab & Research Assistant, SLU
Chang, Ying PhD Geoscience
Davis, Jovon BS Env. Science Engineering Technician, Terracon
Fearn, Armahni BS Env. Science Monsanto
Fitz, Hillary BS Env. Science
Hennessey, Margaret BS Env. Science Lab Technician, Monsanto
Holland, Patrick BS Meteorology
Hopkins, Ashley BS Geology
Keenan, Timothy PhD Geoscience
Ji, Yuchen BS Env. Science
Jones, Weston BS Geology
Li, Yichen MS Geoscience
Luetkemeyer, Patrick B. PhD Geophysics Geophysicist, Terracon
McDaniel, Lauren BS Env. Science St. Anthony's Medical Center, Assistant Teacher
Miao, Junxi MS Geoscience
Molloy, James BS Geology Geologist, Antea Group, St Peters, MO
Oesterle, Zachary BA Env. Studies UMSL, MFA
Pearce, Alexandra MS I & A S University of New Mexico, PhD
Rosen, Jennifer BS Env. Science Missouri Botanical Gardens
Sweitzer, Jacie BS Meteorology Meteorologist, KLBK News Channel 13, Lubbock, TX
Wang, Wanying MS Geophysics University of Texas at Austin, PhD
Wilkins, Joseph PhD Meteorology Environmental Protection Agency
Berry, Austin BS Geology US Army Corps of Engineers, PA
Brown, Matthew BS Geology
Corbett, Caroline BS Meteorology University of South Carolina
Ducey, Luke BS Geology Geotechnology Inc.
Dunham, Michelle MS I & A S
Fisher, Bridget BS Geology
Frye, Kelli BS Env. Science
Grigsby, Isabella BS Env. Science Oldcastle Inc, Atlanta, GA
Gomell, Annika MS Geoscience TV Wattenscheid 01 Athletics Association, Bochum, Germany
Gosselin, Nichole PhD Meteorology
Guo, Hao PhD Geophysics
Han, Su MS Geophysics Seismic Analyzer, CGG
Jimenez, Sarah BS Env. Sci
Knolhoff, Bryce BS Geology
Kuang, Junlin MS Geology
Liang, Jiahao MS Geophysics
Mantych, Katherine BS Meteorology Meteorologist, WDTV Channel 5, Bridgeport, WV
Nilges, Taylor BS Geology
Ritch, Tyler MS Meteorology Ameren QuantumWeather project, SLU, PhD
Sabetta, Elizabeth BA Env. Studies Business Development at Kelley Green Biofuel
Schneider, Lauren BS Env. Science
Thompson, Joshua MS Meteorology Global Weather Corp
Walsh, Patrick BS Meteorology
Warbritton, Matthew BS Geology Iowa State
Wilmoth, Valorie PhD Meteorology EAS Faculty, Saint Louis University
Wu, Rongxi BS Env. Science Colorado State
Yu, Liyang BA Env. Science
Alvarez, Francisco PhD Meteorology The Climate Corporation, Boulder, CO
Andes, Lisa PhD Geophysics SLU, Civil Engineering, PhD
Barbeau, Timothy BS Env. Science Tetra Tech
Barama, Louisa MS Geophysics Seismic Research Intern, Georgia Institute Tech.
Bakr, Ali MS Geophysics Shell, Cairo, Egypt
Bi, Shan PhD Geophysics Seismic Imaging Analyst, Houston
Bucher, Matthew BS Env. Science Project Manager, ENCAP
Butcher, Kirsten BS Env. Science
Ding, Xiaoxue MS Geology
Donahue, Hannah BS I & A S Field Technician, SCI Engineering, Bethalto, IL
Collins, James BS Geology Geoscientist, Weston Solutions Inc, Houston, TX
Eckert, Emily BS Geology Geotechnology Inc.
Everson, Sean BS Meteorology Meteorologist, KETV Channel 7, Omaha, NE
Fester, Mary MS Meteorology SLU School of Education
Fredericks, Jaimeson MS Geology Missouri University of Science & Technology, PhD
Gabbert, Rose MS Geology
Gaggini, Natalie PhD Meteorology The Climate Corporation, Boulder, CO
Hente, Megan BS Env. Science Missouri State, MA
Iwasko, William BS Meteorology U of Alabama, Huntsville, MA
Jordan, Yuyan PhD I & A S
Joslin, Todd MS Geology
Kaiser, Gabriel BS Env. Science
Krewson, Ashley MS Meteorology
Lorenzi, Elizabeth BA Env. Studies
Lutz, Bailey BA Env. Science
Nilges, Taylor BS Geology
Pena, Crystal BS Env. Science
Pulford, Erin BA Env. Studies
Ren, Fang PhD I & A S
Ringhausen, Jacquelyn BS Meteorology University of Alabama, MS
Ritch, Tyler MS Meteorology
Ruckman, Jacob MS Meteorology National Weather Service, Blacksburg, VA
Szwed, Jill BS Meteorology Meteorologist, WLEX-TV Channel 18, Lexington, KY
Zhou, Yuming PhD Geophysics Schlumberger, Houston, TX
Cato, Mallory MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Ciszczon, Carol BA Env. Science Executive Assistant Manager, Walgreens, Los Angeles, CA
Cui, Yuyan PhD Meteorology Postdoctoral Research, NOAA
Deng, Ke Ms Meteorology
Donahue, Hannah M. BS Env. Science GIS, St. Louis Zoo
Elmer, Nicholas BS Meteorology Satellite Meteorologist, NASA Research Prediction Center Huntsville, AL
Elmore, Alexander M. BS Meteorology Missisippi State, MS
Heun, Thomas C. BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Hill, Jessica B. BS Meteorology
Hogenmiller, Michelle BS Meteorology Missisippi State, MS
Hustedde, Marcus W. BS Meteorology Storm Chaser, PDS Storm Tours
Jordan, Yuyan PhD IAS/ES/GIS
Kokkinen, Siiri BA Env. Science
Lubner, Victoria E. BS Env. Science National Infrastructure Fellow, The Nature Conservancy, Milwaukee, WI
Martinez, Ninon D. BS Env. Science
McDermed, Jennifer BS Meteorology Meterologist, KBMC TV News Channel 13, Kansas City, MO
Mueller, Michael PhD Meteorology Research Scientist, NOAA Hydrometeorology Modeling & Applications Team
Rao, Maya E. M. BS Env. Science
Roche, Ashley E. BA Env. Studies
Tinsley, Timothy M. BS Env. Science
Trojniak, Sarah MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Walsh, Braden MS Geophysics Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, PhD
Welsh, Jason MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Wilkins, Joseph MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Wilmott, Gina BA Env. Science
Zhang, Xinwei BS Env. Science
Andrade, David PhD Meteorology Senior Software Engineer, The Mathworks, Boston
Bobsin, Courtney R. BS Env. Science University of Washington, MA
Chen, Wan-Jou MS Geophysics Researcher, Taiwan
Dennis, Molly K. BS Env. Science
Finnegan, Margaret C. BA Env. Studies SLU MS, Sustainability/GIS
Hafner, Thomas BA Geology GIS app developer, U. of Iowa
Hawthorne, Jayme M. BA Geology Office Manager, Perryman Construction Management, Boise, ID
Hohl, Christopher N. BA Geology Administrative Assistant, Airport Terminal Services
Keenan, Timothy MS Geology SLU, PhD
Krewson, Ashley L. BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Lischwe, Colleen E. BA Env. Studies Agriculture Professional, Fair Shares CCSA
Massop, David J. BS Env. Science
Morgan, Stephen BS Meteorology News Anchor, FOX5 KRBK Springfield, MO
Morrison, Matthew R. BS Meteorology
Osburg, Timothy MS Geophysics
Pendergast, Steven C. BA Env. Science
Qiao, Lei (Charlie) PhD Geophysics Postdoc, U. of Oklahoma
Rigsby, Chris MS Geophysics Chesapeake Energy
Ritch, Tyler BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Ruckman, Jacob BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Sanders, Kristopher J. MS Meteorology Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Topeka, KS
Shavers, Ethan BS Geology SLU, IAS, PhD
Scott, Kelly E. MS Meteorology
Snyder, Michael R. BS Meteorology
Stalley, Matthew S. BS Meteorology Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Fort Worth Dallas.
Trottier, Matthew S. BS Env. Science Geologist, PSC, Columbia, IL
Volchko, Ellen E. BS Env. Science
Wilmoth, Valorie A. MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Amer, Reda PhD Geophysics Visiting Professor, Tulane University
Beggs, Brittany MS Meteorology Morning Meteorologist, ABC 17/KMIZ TV/KQFX FOX News Channel 22
Bonebrake, Zachary BS Env. Science
Broecker, Lauren BS Env. Science
Brockelbank, Alicia MS Geology Peabody Energy
Cassady, Kristen BS Meteorology University of Oklahoma, MS
Chang, Junyong MS Geophysics University of Houston
Chen, Yuyan (Yuki) MS IAS SLU, PhD
De Sarria Sopena, Grao BS Env. Science
Dwyer, Meghan BS Meteorology
Fester, Mary MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Folmer, Michael PhD Meteorology GOES-R/JPSS Satellite Liaison at NOAA Weather Prediction Center, Elkridge, MD
Gosselin, Nichole MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Gravelle, Chad PhD Meteorology GOES-R Satellite Liaison - NWS OPG
Guo, Xiaoyu (Michele) PhD Geophysics Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oklahoma
Heneberry, Joseph BS Env. Science Environmental Broker, Burns & Wilcox, Chicago
Jordan, Yuyan MS Env. Science Technician, Genesis International Inc
Joyce, Margaret MS Env. Science University of Tennessee, Knoxville, PhD Law
Kerivan, Evan BS Env. Science University of Sydney, Australia, MS
Kibler, Katryna BS Env. Science Environmental Action & Food Security Extension Agent, Peace Corps West Africa
Litel, Sabrina BS Meteorology Univeristy of Nebraska, Lincoln, MS
Liu, Wensu MS Geophysics China University of Geosciences
Luscri, Lacey BS Geology University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MS
Martin , Robin BS Meteorology
Moriarty, Thomas BS Env. Science Environmental Scientist, Burns & McDonnell, San Francisco, CA
Mozelewski, Tina BS Env. Science Riparian Project Manager, Clark County Desert Conservation Program, Las Vegas, NV
Ramirez, Albert BA Env. Studies Fellowship Advisor, Emerson National Hunger Fellowship, Washington D.C
Shanahan, Conor BA Env. Studies
Song, Ying MS Meteorology SLU, PhD
Spier, Andrew BS Meteorology Meteorologist at RGNext, Kapolai, HI
Winfield, James K. BS Env. Science USDA Forest Service Firefighter, Monument, CO
Woods, Carolyn BS Env. Science Consultant, Dophen Biomed, Sacramento, CA
Zaraus, Jorge PhD Meteorology Technological Laboratory of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
Alvarez , Frank MS Meteorology PhD, SLU
Bertrand , Roxanne BA Env. Studies Transportation Planner, Toole Design Group, CO
Chiu, Samantha BS Meteorology Housing Research Specialist, Building Research Council, Champaign, IL
d'Amico, Sebastiano PhD Geophysics Assistant Professor, University of Malta
Fauser , Rachel BS Env. Science
Festok, Khalid MS Meteorology
Forand , Alex BS Meteorology Energy Underwriter, Chubb Energy Portfolio,  Chicago, IL
Fredrick , Briana BA Geology NGA
Gaggini , Natalie MS Meteorology PhD, SLU
Gant, Erin R. BS Geophysics
Gavin , Margaret BS Env. Science Com Ed Smart Ideas Rep, Applied Proactive Technologies Inc. Chicago, IL
Gosselin , Jayson MS Meteorology Meteorologist, National Weather Service WFO LSX
Hawley, Veronica MS Geophysics GeoSolutions Geophysicist, Schlumberger, TX
Iffrig, Claire L. BA Geology
Kellum, Robert S. BS Env. Science University of Eastern Michigan, MS GIS; Stewardship Network
Mueller, Michael MS Meteorology
Nahmensen , Ruth MS Meteorology Scholarshop Assistant, Louisville, CO
Rasoazanamparany, C. MS Geology Miami University, PhD
Rodgers, Amelia L. BA Meteorology Humane Education Manager, Humane Society, Detroit, MI
Ruhmann , Emma BS Env. Science University of Nevada, Las Vegas, MS
Sadowski , Richard BS Meteorology
Kozich, Peter PhD Meteorology Meteorologist, Meisinger Aviation, St Louis, MO
Sanders , Kristopher BS Meteorology SLU, MA
Schmitz , Allison MS Meteorology Meteorologist/Flight Support, Avfuel Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI
Seats , Kevin BS Geophysics Stanford University, PhD; Quantitative Analyst, Saint Louis Cardinals
Shaw, Nicholas L. BS Geology Peabody Energy
Smith , Kyle BS Geology Michigan Tech, MS
Sufri, Oner MS Geophysics University of Utah, PhD
Thomas , Janel BS Meteorology Procurement Specialist, Omitron, Washington D.C
Travers, Jaime MS Meteorology Meteorologist, Wichita, KS
Waldschmidt , Jordan BS Env. Science Lab Tech, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Yang, Hongfeng PhD Geophysics Georgia Institute Tech, Postdoctoral Researcher
Yun, Amber J. BS Env. Science
Austin, Brandon L. BS Meteorology
Baggett, Rebecca BS Meteorology
Berndt, Emily PhD Meteorology
Folmer, Michael MS Meteorology
Gabr, Safwat PhD Geophysics Researcher, Egypt
Gibbons, Austin MS Meteorology
Gosselin, Nichole A. BS Meteorology
Kober, Adam E. BA Env. Science
Kren, Andrew MS Meteorology
McKinney, Nichole BS Meteorology
Ramoso, Elizabeth K. BS Meteorology
Spittler, Teresa M. BS Meteorology
White, Megan BS Meteorology
Xu, Yan PhD Geophysics Researcher, China Earthquake Admin., Yunnan
Xu, Xiao MS Geology University of Oklahoma, PhD
Xue, LuLin PhD Meteorology
Zib, Behnjamin J. BS Meteorology
Alvarez , Frank BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Armbruster, Eric BS Meteorology
Carr, Nicholas BS Meteorology
Chu, Risheng PhD Geophysics Prof., Inst. Geodesy & Geophysics, Wuhan, China
Colgin, Ashley BS Meteorology
Colon Villafane, Ana BA Env. Science
Darian, Travis BS Meteorology
Fester, Mary BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Gosselin, Jayson BS Meteorology SLU, MS
Hayes, Ashley BS Meteorology
Keenan, Timothy
BS Geology SLU, MS
Kent, Jessica
BA Env. Science
McElligott, Colin BS Geology
Olson, Steve BS Meteorology
Paddock, Michael PhD Meteorology
Pasch, Adam PhD Meteorology
Raharimahefa, Tsilavo PhD Geophysics Researcher, Laurential University
Seyfert, Catherine BS Meteorology
Wallace, Adam BS Meteorology
Xu, Yanlai MS Geology China
Zou, Zuihong (Kathy)
PhD Geophysics Petroleum Geo-Services, Houston
Andrade, David MS Meteorology
Cervantes, Christopher BS Meteorology
Fodor, Boston BS Geophysics
Gad, Sabreen PhD Geophysics Assistant Professor, Kansas State University
Grabowski, Nichole BS Meteorology
Gravelle, Chad MS Meteorology
Hauber, Kelly BS Meteorology
Jones, Sara BA Geology Env Scientist, Science Applications International Corporation
Karasek, Theresa BS Env. Science University of California, Santa Barbara, MS
Kent, Jessica BA Env. Science
Kren, Andrew BS Meteorology
Kurpan, Julia MS Geophysics MicroSeis Inc., Houston
Mueller, Michael BS Meteorology
Nahmensen , Ruth BS Meteorology
Poole, Jaime PhD Meteorology
Rodriguez, Steven Jr.
MS Meteorology
Snavely, Erin MS Meteorology
Toraman, Erkan MS Geology
Wimberley, Jacob MS Meteorology
Al-Ghafri, Ayman BS Meteorology
Al-Shehhi, Ali BA Meteorology
Bakoariniaina, Nathalie MS Geology Environmental firm in NY
Banno, Hitoshi MS Geology
Baxter, Martin PhD Meteorology
Chase, Felicia BA Geology EPA, Chicago
Eisenacher, Emily MS Meteorology
Fatehi, Ali PhD Geophysics Ins. Company, USA
Gilbertson, Philip BS Meteorology
Hayes, Paul BS Meteorology
Kubinski, Kelly E. MS Meteorology
Leyton, Felipé PhD Geophysics Assistant Professor, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Mann, Thomas BS Meteorology
Morlock, Matthew BS Meteorology
Shumake, Rachel BS Meteorology
Smith, Kathryn BS Meteorology
Tentinger, Brian MS Meteorology
Vitale, Jeffrey D. MS Meteorology
Williams, Andrew BS Meteorology
Xue, Lulin MS Meteorology
Zahra, Matthew BA Geology
Zinn, Jennifer BS Geology Geologist, Maersk Oil
Zollner, Brandon BA Meteorology
Burch, Jocelyn BS Meteorology
Callison, Wesley BS Meteorology
Ceraldi, Teresa Sabato.
MS Geology Geologist for Unconventional Global Screening, BP, London, UK
Ganley, Rose BS Env. Science National Geospatial Agency
Hiller, Scott BS Geophysics
Keast-Nachtra, Michelle BS Meteorology
Lampkin, Chester BS Meteorology
Li, Hongyi PhD Geophysics Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing
Manning, Danielle BS Meteorology  
Mickelson, Bradley MS Meteorology  
Ng, Sam PhD Meteorology Professor, Metropolitan State University, Denver
Nyberg, Gabriella BA Env. Science  
Otepka, Michael BS Meteorology  
Santhanam, Krishnaraj PhD Meteorology
Blumberg, Kevin M. BS Meteorology  
Chatterjee, Sumantra MS Geology  
Emanuel, Mark D. BS Meteorology  
Eskridge, Dezjai V. BS Meteorology
Eye, Amanda BS Meteorology
Fnais, Mohammed PhD Geophysics Assistant Professor, King Saudi University
Jannick, Amanda M. BS Meteorology  
Jeon, Young-Soo PhD Geophysics Korea Meteorological Administration, South Korea
Kanoff, Justin G. BA Env. Science Cambria Environmental Technology, Oregon
Knight, Jacob BA Env. Science
Kubinski, Kelly E. BS Meteorology
Luetkemeyer, Ben BS Geology SLU, PhD
Made, Rusununguko
BA Env. Science
Martinelli, Jason T. PhD Meteorology
Mousa, Yusuf MS Geology
Pasek, Sarah BA Geology STERIS Corporation
Pope, Brian MS Geology Trey Exploration, Indiana
Raharimahefa, Tsilavo MS Geology
Scheck, Joshua PhD Meteorology
Vitale, Jeffrey D. BS Meteorology
Webb, Kenneth R. BS Meteorology
Wieners, Mark A. BS Env. Science Shannon & Wilson, St. Louis
Yevcak, Shannon BA Meteorology
Al-Khadouri, Abdullah BS Meteorology
Al-Khayari, Mahmood BS Meteorology
Antes, Michael BA Env. Science Terracon, Chicago
Bond, Angela BS Geology SRP in Phoenix, AZ
Cuevas-Miranda, David MS Geology PhD, Prof. Geology, Polytechnic U., Puerto Rico
DeCioccio, Christopher BA E. Sci./Geo. Environmental Manager, SunCoke
Edmonds, Douglas BS Geology Faculty, Indiana University
Franks, Jill BS Geophysics MS, NIU; Western Geophysical Corp., MA
Holthaus, Eric BS Meteorology
Huston, Vanessa BS Geology
Killion, Brandon BA Env. Science
Liddicoat, Carly BS Meteorology
Maddock, Dennis BS Env. Science Boeing Co., environmental div., St. Louis
Minard, Danielle BS Meteorology
Pietrowicz, Joseph PhD Meteorology
Rapley, Douglas BS Meteorology
Richey, Anthony MS Meteorology
Rogles, Elizabeth BA Env. Science
Smith, Jamie MS Meteorology
Stocks, Lauren BA Env. Science SIUC Law; Lawyer, Hodge Dwyer Zeman
Streff, Adam BS Meteorology
Trigg, Veronica BS Env. Science
White, Nathaniel BS Meteorology
Woodhull, Andrew BS Geology Environmental firm; Chicago
Altadonna, Shea BA Env. Science Advanced Construction Techniques, St. Louis
Darr, James bs Meteorology
Dietrich, Katherine BA Geology Aon Risk Solutions Envmntl., Chicago IL
Fries, Michael BS Meteorology MS from WI; Sr. Meteorologist, NWS Pittsburgh, PA
Gallagher, Daniel MS Meteorology Ops. Meteorologist, Baron Svcs., Inc., Huntsville, AL
Huson, Rachel MS Geology Shannon and Wilson
Jemberie, Alemayehu PhD Geophysics
Murray, Jamie BA Env. Science
Pyle, Moira MS Geophysics W.U. PhD; NSF Postdoc
Sholy, Beshara I. PhD Geophysics
Singer, Marc MS Meteorology
Topp, Jeffrey BA Meteorology
Agosta, Fabrizio MS Geology
Borcherding, Sara BA Meteorology
Ewing, Timothy BS Env. Science Arch Coal
Fernandez, Dan MS Geology
Gagan, John MS Meteorology
Grove, Heather MS Meteorology
Incorvati, Jason BS Meteorology
Klein, Joseph BA Geology
Mancilla, Flor de lis MS Geophysics
McNeil, Kati BA Meteorology
Mejia, Jorge A. PhD Geophysics
O'Sullivan, James PhD Meteorology
Rypel, Andrew BA Env. Science
Sebeck, Aimee BS Meteorology
Travers, Brian BA Meteorology
Valle, Daniel MS Meteorology
Al-Otaibi, Mnahi BS Meteorology
Brotherton, David BS Meteorology
Burriel Lobo, Miguel BS Meteorology
Devine, Diane BS Meteorology
Dutt, James BS Env. Science Shannon and Wilson; St. Louis
Gallagher, Daniel BS Meteorology
Hessling, Melodie BS Env. Science
Jeon, Young-Soo MS Geophysics
Jones, Sherri BS Env. Science
Klaus, Stephen MS Meteorology
Knutsen, Brian BA Env. Science Law School; Env. Law firm, CO
Ligorría, Juan Pablo PhD Geophysics Consultant, Geophysical/Planning, Guatemala
Maceira, Monica MS Geophysics
Martinez G., Clarisa BS Meteorology
Maschmeyer, Michael BS Meteorology
Nugent, Kevin BA Meteorology
Nyberg, Katie BS Meteorology
O'Neil, Debra BA Meteorology
Ortega, Roberto PhD Geophysics Researcher, CICESE, LaPaz, Mexico
Sengheiser, Jason BA Env. Science Law Clerk, MO Ct. of Appeals; JD, SLU; LL.M., Col. U.
Stevenson, Sarah Baker BS Meteorology Weather Officer, Missouri Air National Guard
Watson, Scott MS Meteorology
Craven, Keri BS Geology
Fowle, Michael BS Meteorology
Hope, William MS Meteorology
Kagol, Jamie MS Meteorology
Ketter, Brett MS Geophysics
Malagnini, Luca PhD Geophysics INGV Rome
Market, Patrick PhD Meteorology Prof. of Meteorology, MIZZOU
Sieveking, James BS Meteorology
Tworek, Thomas MS Meteorology
Villagomez, Rommel A. MS Geophysics
Bannan, Suzanne Astle MS Geophysics
Cong, Lianli PhD Geophysics
Considine, Stephen MS Meteorology
Gravier, Ann MS Meteorology
Heinlein, Merl MS Meteorology
Hohenstein, Wesley BS Meteorology
Marks, David MS Meteorology
Norato, Michael BS Meteorology
Poage, Kyle MS Meteorology
Rochette, Scott PhD Meteorology Assoc. Prof., Meteorology, SUNY, Brockport
Schneider, Joseph MS Meteorology
Unger, Lowell BS Meteorology
Wingbermuehle, Brian BA Geology Quanterra/STL Environmental, MO
Abeling, William MS Meteorology  NOAA (BS '81)
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