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Letter from Chair

Our goal in Fine and Performing Arts is to create artist-scholars who have the courage to entertain and enthrall, to confound and challenge, to heal and provoke. Our rigorous liberal arts education provides a strong foundation for art and scholarship. We support students with a comprehensive, quality, philosophical base and equip them with the specific skill-training required for success in the marketplace. St. Louis is a thriving arts city offering the significant experience and essential networking to launch a career in the arts. Our professionally active and award-winning faculty provide valuable personal mentoring. In the practice rooms, rehearsal halls, archives, galleries, art studios, on-and-off stage-we build community. We come together for art that is bigger than the individual. Ultimately, a Saint Louis University artist-scholar knows that the best art is that which explores our communal human mysteries and transforms our world for good. We invite you to create something that makes a difference. Join us in the Arts at Saint Louis University!


Cynthia Stollhans, Ph.D.

Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
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