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The Art History Program at SLU prepares students for the demanding job markets in academia and the arts, marketing and advertising, law and journalism and other fields that require understanding of our visually-based culture and the ability to express intelligent, well-researched viewpoints.

Our successful internship program helps students gain experience at many prominent organizations on campus, in the community and across the country. The Breidenbach Internship is available through the Samuel Cupples House on campus. Other internship opportunities can be found in St. Louis and around the country:

Our faculty work with students in identifying internship possibilities. From there, our students enter the internship process with great recommendations from the program, giving them an edge in competitive graduate and job applications.

But what does an art history internship look like? You could work on a documentary of Andy Warhol. Or you could research artists to be featured for a series of museum exhibitions. You could even find yourself preparing and presenting a series of lectures for the public.

These possibilities and more display the diversity of careers that are open to art history students. Many students move on to careers in arts professions, working at galleries and museums across the country. Others have entered various fields, including advertising, journalism, law and marketing. These students succeed due to the skills and knowledge they develop through the study of art history.

Internships benefit students looking to continue their education, too, providing great preparation for graduate school. The valuable experience interns gain strengthens their skill set and arts resume while helping students refine their interests.

Additional Resources for Career Development:

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