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Mission Statement
Art History is a recognized interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, research-based area that defines its goal to expand students' experiences in visual culture through a variety of technology in order to prepare each for future studies in Art History and beyond. As an academic discipline at Saint Louis University, a Jesuit institution, the faculty of the Art History program teach the essential humanities skills of critical analysis, research, and communication through artworks from around the world, past and present. Both majors and non-majors learn to understand artworks and monuments, from all faiths and cultures, through examination of the social and historical context in which art was and continues to be created.

A Personal Program
"The faculty was so supportive and accommodating. If there was a period of art you wanted to study and there was not a class for it, they did their best to fit it into the schedule," Claire Cole, Class of '07

Art History explores the cultural, historical and social contexts of art. Through close examination of prominent periods and producers, students develop skills - critical analysis, research and communication - necessary for success in careers in the arts and other professional fields.

Our program offers a broad chronological and geographical field of study ranging from Ancient through Medieval and Renaissance Europe, across the Islamic world and Africa, to the beginnings of modernity and the most current movements in art from around the globe.

Our faculty encourage students to make their educational experiences their own. They help identify specific interests and work with students to form an educational plan.

An Interactive Experience
"The subject matter, though, did not end with the classroom slideshows. We benefited from exploring the St. Louis area - art is interesting in the classroom, but it really comes alive when it is right in front of you," M. Tray Ridlen, Class of '07

Art isn't static. It requires creators, patrons, observers and general viewers. And art requires an active body and mind to critically examine it.

Staying true to this principle, SLU Art History students explore art from multiple art historical angles and varying lenses. As an interdisciplinary field, we also use the tools from a variety of humanities disciplines - history, music, philosophy, theology, among others - to enrich our studies.

But we don't limit the student experience to the classroom. Our students take advantage of the active arts community at the University and in the surrounding St. Louis area. Museums such as the Samuel Cupples House, the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) and St. Louis Art Museum offer students a chance to interact with the artists and periods they discover in the classroom.

Many of our majors choose to explore new perspectives through an internship. Our program offers students opportunities in St. Louis and across the country, including many prominent galleries and museums. As interns, students work within the professional art scene. Outside of the classroom, Art History majors find out firsthand what a career in the arts can hold - preparing exhibitions, curating collections, even preparing and presenting lectures and tours for the public.

A Basis for Greatness
"Studying Art History at St. Louis University gave me not only the knowledge, but the confidence to go to graduate school and begin a career in the museum world," Liz Menz

So what does a degree in Art History mean for you? It means employability. Our students are employed in many galleries and museums in the area and across the country, including Art STL and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Our program also prepares students for careers outside the arts as well, from marketing and advertising to law and journalism.

Many students decide to continue their education, leaving SLU students equipped to enter internationally recognized graduate programs. Here, they intensify their studies while refining their interests. Our program prepares students for the rigors of graduate school, fostering an open mind and attitude ready to challenge comfort zones.

For more information, contact Professor Deborah Douglas, Program Coordinator at 314-977-3501.

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