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Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts

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Transfer Options

Students must perform an entrance audition for admission to the program. Placement in one of the two concentration options (Music Performance/Music Studies) will occur upon completion of 4 credits of Applied Music.

No more than 18 (eighteen) total credit hours in music will be accepted in transfer.

No ensemble credits (chorus, choir, band, orchestra, small ensembles) will be accepted as transfer hours.

No more than eight Applied Music credits (Private Lessons) will be accepted as transfer hours. Credits will be accepted ONLY on the student's major instrument, ONLY at grade B or above, and ONLY for lessons taken in the previous three years (from date of admission).

Transferring students must undergo placement exams in piano, may be required to retake one or more piano classes, and will be required to pass the regular Piano Proficiency Exam (MUSC 2950) before graduation.

Students entering with Music Theory credits (I, II, III, IV) that were taken more than three years before transfer must take a placement/proficiency exam, and may be required to re-take some or all of the four-course Theory sequence. 

SLU has no comparable course to SLCC MUS 111-112 ('Introduction to Music Lit I, II') series, and it therefore may not be used as an elective by music majors.

Neither 'Basic Music' at SLCC nor our 'Fundamentals of Music' course is an acceptable music elective for music majors. This course in music literacy is designed for non-majors, but may be necessary remedial work for some music majors before taking Theory I.

In general, 500-level courses from the junior college district will not be transferred. 


For more information, contact Dr. Aaron Johnson, Music Program Director at  johnso36@slu.eduor 314-977-5158.


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