Saint Louis University

Dr. Natalie Douglass

Teaching and Performing with the Inner Ear

Thursday, October 19, 3:00 PM
Xavier Hall Black Box Theatre
free and open to the public

This session is designed to connect aural skills to applied study and performance.  Attendees will build their musicianship through song and solfege activities inspired by Dr. Douglass's Fulbright grant to the Kodaly Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy in Hungary. 

Discussion includes:
Exercises to strengthen audiation (inner hearing) ability
Kinesthetic learning for pulse and rhythm
Activities to improve tonal memory
Polyphonic training to better hear and perform in multiple parts
Improvisations with basic tone sets and harmonies
Sample applications to standard ensemble literature

Dr. Douglass is an Assistant Professor of Horn and Brass Coordinator at Utah Valley University. 

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