Saint Louis University


Scholarships are awarded by audition only. The scholarship audition may be combined with the music major admission audition, and should consist of several contrasting musical compositions from the classical repertoire.

On-campus auditions are held in November and February for scholarships for the following semester. Contact the Department for current audition dates and times at

Students unable to audition on-campus may submit a videotaped/digital audition. The Music Program has partnered with Get Accept'd for the submission of auditions. To submit your digital audition, please click on the following link: Digital Audition


All Music Scholarship Talent and Guentner Award recipients must meet the following requirements for annual renewal of their awards:

1.  Successful Audition

2.  Formal declaration of Music Major with the College of Arts and Sciences

3.  Membership in an ensemble each semester

4.  Steady progress  toward the degree

5.  Enrollment in MUSC-2000 (Recital Attendance) each semester

6.  Performance on at least one Friday afternoon student recital per semester.

7.  Departmental Service

8.  Maintenance of a GPA of "B" or higher

Music Scholarship Talent Award

 Awardees must be Music Majors.  Talent Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of performing ability or promise as determined by full-time faculty.  Talent Scholarships are awarded to new majors and are renewable annually.  Auditions are held in November and February for the following semester. Successful audition for acceptance as a music major is required in second semester of study at Saint Louis University.

Father Guentner Scholarship  Award for Private Study fees

 The Fr. Guentner Scholarship is awarded to music majors to cover the fees attached to Applied Music Lessons required for the degree.

Ensemble Leadership  Award

The Ensemble Leadership Award is available to all students who are members of University Ensembles. These small tuition awards are given at the discretion of the Ensemble Directors each semester.