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Lower Division Courses:

THR 1000 Approaching the Arts: Theatre (3)
Objectives: 1. To examine some public impressions of the role of the arts in American society; 2. To demonstrate to students, through lecture and discussion, some of the key features of a play in performance which critics, fans, and theatre artists have sought in contemporary productions; 3. To introduce the students to some of the standard tasks and procedures brought to bear in play productions; 4. To apply all of these studies to the appreciation of plays by viewing several live productions during the semester. Satisfies the Arts and Science Core Requirement for non-majors.

THR 1500 Introduction to Theatre (3)
This course is an introduction to the process of making theatre. Students will work on producing theatre and discuss aesthetic and practical considerations in theatre production. Satisfies the Arts and Science Core Requirement for non-majors.

THR 2050 Introduction to 3 Dimensional Design (3)
This course will develop a fundamental understanding of the process of designing in 3 dimensions. Exercises will explore the methodology of conceptualization of objects, containers and spaces. Satisfies the Arts and Science Core Requirement for non-majors. 

THR 2060 Introduction to Computer Aided Design (3)
This course introduces the fundamentals of computer aided-design, concentrating on 2-D drafting and prototyping. Auto CAD 2002 will be used. 

THR 2500 Theatre Costume Construction (3)
This course is designed to give students an understanding of the importance of effective stage costuming both for the actors' performance and the audience's perception of the play. Topics include pattern drafting, draping, and sewing of costumes for the stage. 

THR 2510 Acting 1: Fundamentals (3)
Study in the principal theories of realistic acting is balanced with practice in experiencing character creation. Principles of physical and emotional character development are explored. Satisfies the Arts and Sciences Core Requirement for non-majors.

THR 2520 Stagecraft (3)
Objectives: 1. To introduce students to the regular tasks in theatre production; 2. To introduce students to the common architectural features and standard equipment of modern theatres; 3. To guide students in proper and safe procedures in Stage Carpentry and Electrics; 4. To introduce students to commonly used Theatre drafting symbols. 

THR 2530 Acting II: Rehearsal & Performance (3)
An intermediate acting course designed to teach the protocol of collaboration in rehearsal and performance. Emphasis will be given to text analysis and rehearsal techniques to assist in believable character development. Prerequisite: THR 251. 

THR 2540 Voice & Diction (3)
Objectives: 1. To teach the value of freeing the natural voice; 2. To guide students through activities in which they release vocal sound freely from the trunk of the body; 3. To identify for individual students any prior speaking habits which limit the students ability for sincere and effective passionate expression through speech. Activities include in class performance and accompanying critique. 

THR 2560 Movement for the Theatre (3)
A practicum in stage movement for those with an interest in acting. Studio sessions will incorporate exercises, which stress correct use of the anatomical components of human movement. Emphasis will be given to individual movement awareness, movement variations for characterization, and physical spontaneity.

THR 2580 Theatre Makeup (3)
This course teaches the essential skills in the application of stage makeup for corrective purposes and the use of makeup and prosthetic appliances to enhance characterization for the actor. 

THR 2700 U.S. Diversity Through Drama (3)
This class explores the contibutions of African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans and other groups to American drama and film.  This is a discussion class where students share reactions to the drama they see and read.  Fulfills both the Fine Arts and Diversity credit requirements.

DANC 2590 Jazz Dance (3)
To guide students in-studio experience in Jazz Dance. All class activities are practical. Some in-class performance and accompanying critique will be used in determining grades. Special notes: This class is repeatable once for credit. 

DANC 2600 Modern Dance (3)
To guide students in studio experience in Modern Dance. All class activities are practical. Some in-class performance and accompanying critique will be used in determining grades. Special notes: This class is repeatable once for credit.  

DANC 2610 Intermediate Jazz Dance (3)
This course is intended to continue the students exploration and practice of jazz dance building on the skills developed in the beginning jazz dance. Students will develop short and long movement phrases continuing their skills in composition and choreography based on material covered in class. Prerequisite: THR 259. 

DANC 2620 Intermediate Modern Dance (3)
This course is intended to further develop the students ability in physical movement in terms of space, time and dynamics as begun in the beginning modern class. This course will focus on somatic intelligence and the development of this non-stylized aesthetic movement skills as introduced on world stages in this century. Prerequisite: THR 260. 

DANC 2630 Modern Movement/Modern Dance (3)
An introduction to the philosophies and movement styles of the founding early modern dancers and contemporary dance movements through experiential work, readings, discussion, observation and interpretation. Movement fundamentals- rise, fall, release, breath, body alignment, rhythmic phrasing and coordination- are all explored through the theoretical framework of Laban Movement Analysis. Satisfies the Core Arts and Science Requirement for non-majors..

DANC 2640 Introduction to Dance: Ballet, Modern, & Jazz (3)
Students are introduced to the movement philosophies and technique used in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. Students will be able to analyze, appreciate, and perform each dance form. Students will learn to regard their bodies as expressive, intelligent instruments that are capable of adapting to different styles of movement performance.


Upper Division Courses: 

THR 3050 Advanced 3 Dimensional Design (3)
This course is a continuation of the issues and problems explored in Intro to 3-D Design. Further refinement of design methodologies and presentation techniques will be acquired through projects with more complex programs and scopes. Prerequisite: THR 205.

THR 3500 Playscript Analysis (3)
Objectives: 1. To introduce students to play-reading as an act of imagining a theatrical performance; 2. To introduce the students to some fundamental concepts of Dramatic Theory with reference to certain significant plays in the Dramatic canon; 3. To give students an understanding of some aspects of contemporary playwriting aesthetics; 4. To provide students with interpretive/analytical skills which enable them to explain the performance demands implicit in certain playscripts. Activities include critical writing by students at a scholarly level.

THR 3510 Musical Theatre Performance (3)
Objectives: 1. To give students an overview of the history of Musical Theatre Genre; 2. To guide students in performance exercises in Musical Theatre; 3. To instruct students in acting techniques that can be used in performance of vocal music. Activities may include in class performances in an audition format and/or longer cuttings from Musical Plays. 

THR 3520 Advanced Acting: Auditioning (3)
This course is designed to assist in the selection of audition material, increase awareness of hiring practices in the performing arts, and prepare a marketable audition repertoire. Prerequisites: THR 251, 253, & 254. 

THR 3530 Scenic Art (3)
This course will familiarize the student with essential 2-dimensional scenic art techniques. By the end of the course the student will understand how to break down a scenic art problem to its component parts and develop a process through which a full scale work can be successfully realized.  

THR 3550 Theatre Practicum (0)
Theatre Majors/Minors only. Faculty guided experience in University Theatre Productions. This course is repeatable. Pass/Fail only. 

THR 3570 Advanced Scenic Art (3)
A continuation of the 2-dimensional skills and processes acquired in Scenic Art with more complex 2-dimensional projects, and introduction to 3-dimensional scenic productions and finishing. Prerequisite: THR 353. 

THR 3600 Professional Theatre: Career Preparation (3)
An overview of the American professional theatre, its professional organizations, and operational paradigms. Portfolio and resume preparation. Theatre majors only. 

THR 3610 Theatre Management (3)
Theatre Management is a course designed to introduce theatre students to the practice, realm, and study of Theatre Management. Topics include: strategic planning, marketing/public relations, arts law, financial management, development (fundraising), operations/facility management, and personnel. Offered occasionally. Prerequisite: THR 150. 

THR 3620 Stage Management (3)
An introduction to the role and function of the stage manager in the theatre production process. Prerequisite: THR 150. 

THR 4500 Costume Design(3)
Objectives: 1. To help students see collaborative options for uniting the choices an actor makes in creating a given character with choices a costume designer can make in visibly presenting that character to an audience; 2. To instruct students in the process of collaboration between the Costume Designer and the Director, and some standard research practices followed by Costume Designers in the theatre; 3. To guide students through the process of Costume Design from conceptualization to design presentation. Activities will include individual costume design projects. 

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