Saint Louis University

Theatre students have many opportunities to gain experience while in college.

St. Louis is a fast-growing theatre city, with over 30 professional theatres already in the area. All of our faculty have ties to numerous theatres, and that means valuable access to the local professional world.

Students regularly meet with faculty to discuss opportunities in acting, costume design, directing, light design, and more in the the St. Louis theatre scene. More than that, our faculty work with each student to prepare a portfolio of work representative of the student's skills, strengths and talents. Through this process, our students enter auditions and interviews prepared to showcase their abilities.

Here are a few of the professional theatres students have worked with previously.

  • New Jewish Theatre Company
  • Saint Louis Actors' Studio
  • Shakespeare Festival Saint Louis
  • HotCity Theatre
  • Stray Dog Theatre
  • Non-Prophet Theatre Company
  • Insight Theatre Company
  • Saint Louis Shakespeare Company
  • Gitana Productions
  • Aside Productions
  • Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre Company

To find out more about your possibilities, meet with a faculty member or contact the Fine and Performing Arts office.