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Why Study Theatre?

Students who graduate with a B.A. in theatre are prepared to:

  • Enter nationally recognized M.F.A. programs in theatre and M.A. programs in drama;
  • Enter the job market for actors and technicians for theatrical and video productions;
  • Creatively market the variety of skills that they have acquired as undergraduates for use in non-theatrical venues such as sales, promotion, marketing and other types of presentational activities.

To accomplish these goals, the theatre faculty and staff:

  • Produce a series of plays which challenge students to consider diverse values, viewpoints and expressions of the creative imagination.
  • Require students to follow a sequence of courses so that increasingly sophisticated objectives are defined and unnecessary duplication of course content is eliminated.
  • Create a collaborative atmosphere among students and faculty members on both the theoretical challenges of classroom projects and the practical realization of our public performances, so that students learn how to present clearly and appropriately their imaginative ideas to others and to make adjustment to their work according to the constructive criticism of faculty mentors.
  • Provide coaching to juniors and seniors for annual auditions at he Midwest Theatre Auditions, the MidAmerica Theatre Auditions and other similar disciplinary-based job fairs where theatre majors are hired by professional theatres.
  • Have instituted an annual individual review of all theatre majors so that faculty members can present to students a considered evaluation of their progress and advancements in the program.
  • Have entered competition with highly rated university theatre programs to recruit freshmen with high G.P.A.'s as well as particular secondary school theatre training through the auspices of the International Thespian Society.

For more information, contact Professor Dan Giedeman at (314) 977-3564.

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