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The Department of History at Saint Louis University

If you wonder, as you watch events and issues unfold before your eyes, how the world got to where it is now, and how the complex interplay of culture, society, economy, and politics constantly changes it, the study of history is for you.

Why choose history? First, it is the stockpile of human experience, and we need to draw on it fully to grasp the forces that influence our lives. It is central to a liberal arts education and a defining feature of the Jesuit tradition. Some call it the Queen of Humanities because it provides a general framework and a unifying perspective for many more narrowly specialized disciplines. Second, it is highly enjoyable; real stories are often much more fascinating than fiction, and the detective work we do as we dig into sources can be thrilling. In the great theatre of history, we do not look at the stage only; we also visit its dressing rooms. And third, it teaches information-processing skills of mind that remain in strong demand on the ever-changing job market: analytical thinking, effective use of evidence, researching, writing and rhetorical abilities, and understanding cultural differences.

The History Department is an active community of diverse, internationally recognized scholars. We have no uninteresting faculty members. Each of the department's twenty-three faculty members is engaged in original research, and dedicated to sharing it with students. Our strong research culture is reflected in the volume of scholarly publications; between 2003 to 2009, we have published 27 books and 70 peer-reviewed articles, and given numerous scholarly papers at national and international conferences. Our course offerings range around the globe, and include the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Far East.

Our graduates find a broad range of employments, including education, law, journalism, international business, museum and library work, and public service. Many have successfully pursued graduate studies, and now teach in academic institutions. Survey data of recent history graduates demonstrates that 93% consider themselves "satisfactorily occupied."

We are following a long tradition. The Department of History has been providing a solid foundation of historical understanding to the undergraduate students of Saint Louis University for more than a century and a half. The Graduate Program began in 1915 and in a few decades grew to become one of the major Ph.D.-granting programs in the country. Today our graduate education focuses on training scholars in the history of Medieval Europe, the United States, and Early Modern Europe

Please explore our department website for more information on our faculty and programs.


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