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Prof. Joseph R. Allen

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

"Rewriting the Public Monument:  Japanese, Chinese, & Taiwanese Reformulations of the European Equestrian Statue"

Friday, October 14, 3 pm


Adorjan Hall 142



The modernization program of Meiji Japan (1868-1912) adapted a wide range of cultural materials from Western nations, particularly Germany and France.  Among those materials was European civic statuary, which was then at the height of its popularity (the so-called period of statumania).  Versions of those statues, including of equestrian figures, were transferred to the new Japanese colony of Taiwain (1895-1945), where they went through further cultural transformations.  These transformations continued throughout the Chinese Nationalist years, down into contemporary times.  This talk will examine the intercultural translations of these statues in the evolving social and political contexts of East Asia.

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