Douglas Boin

Douglas Ryan Boin, Associate Professor
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (2009)
M.A., The University of Texas at Austin (2003)
B.A., Georgetown University (1999)



My intellectual interests are driven by a strong desire to interrogate the social history of Republican, Imperial and Late Roman religions. I am also keenly intent on exploring broader issues related to the transformation of Roman society, which is another way of saying, I work at the intersection of politics and religion in ancient history.

My research largely draws upon archaeological, anthropological, and sociological approaches to religion, as well as recent research on social memory, landscape, and the construction of identity. In all of my work, I have charted the transformations and economic changes that characterized Rome, Italy and the Western provinces during the imperial and late Roman periods. I also incorporate epigraphic material, as well as smaller objects like lamps, glassware, and ivory, to reconstruct a more intimate image of Roman daily life-exploring the social, cultural and visual continuities that bind the Roman "Age of Augustus" to the late Roman "World of Augustine"-and beyond.

Current avenues of interest include the city, people, and history of Rome in Late Antiquity to issues related to the transformation of Roman imperial cult.

Honors and Fellowships
Innovative Teaching Fellowship, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, Saint Louis University (2014)

Recent Courses Taught

• History 111: "Tell Me Where You Come From": Origins of the Modern World to 1500, Honors Section (Spring 2014)
• History 111: "The Rise of Christianity in Rome and the Transformation of the City": Origins of the Modern World to 1500, Inquiry Section and First Year Interest Group Section (Fall 2014)

Scholarly Publications


• Coming Out Christian in the Roman World. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2015.
• Ostia in Late Antiquity. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Journal articles

• "Hellenistic ‘Judaism' and the Social Origins of the ‘Pagan-Christian' Debate." Journal of Early Christian Studies (Summer 2014).
• "The Discovery of a Statuary Collection at Ostia's Sanctuary of Magna Mater and New Light on the Visibility of Late Roman ‘Religion.'" Papers of the British School at Rome 81 (2013) 244-77.
• "A Hall for Hercules at Ostia and a Farewell to the Late Antique ‘Pagan Revival.'" American Journal of Archaeology 114 (2010) 253-66.
• "Late Antique Ostia and a Campaign for Pious Tourism: Epitaphs for Bishop Cyriacus and Monica, Mother of Augustine." Journal of Roman Studies 100 (2010) 195-209.

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in working with me on a topic of ancient social history or ancient religion, broadly defined, should contact me directly.

Web Resources

You can follow all Prof. Boin's research at


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