Saint Louis University

Lorri Glover



John Francis Bannon, S.J., Professor of History




Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 1996;

M.A. Clemson University, 1992;

B.S. University of North Alabama, 1990



I'm fascinated by early America, especially the social history of the colonies and the creation of the American nation.  Within the general of early America I have ranged fairly broadly, publishing books on siblings and kinship in early South Carolina, masculinity in the new Republic, the colonization of Virginia and its sister settlement Bermuda, and deathways in the South.  My most recent book, Founders as Fathers, reveals the connections between revolutionary politics and family values in the lives of America's most prominent founders, including George Washington, the childless "father of the country," and Patrick Henry, father of sixteen.  Much of my work has emphasized the importance and complexity of families in early America.  I am especially interested in uncovering ways in which family life and gender roles shaped and were shaped by politics.


  • John Francis Bannon, S.J., Endowed Chair in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Filson Fellowship, 2001
  • Archie K. Davis Fellowship, North Caroliniana Society, 2001
  • Institute for Southern Studies Research Fellow, 1996

Recent Courses Taught

  • Research in American History (graduate & undergraduate)
  • Introduction to American Historiography (graduate)
  • Family, Gender, and Politics in Early America (graduate)
  • The American Revolution (undergraduate)
  • The Historians Craft (undergraduate)
  • American History to 1865 (undergraduate)

Scholarly Publications


  • Founders as Fathers: The Private Lives and Politics of the American Revolutionaries (Yale University Press, 2014)
  • The Shipwreck that Saved Jamestown: The Sea Venture Castaways and the Fate of America, co-author with Daniel Blake Smith (Henry Holt Publishers, 2008)
  • Southern Sons: Becoming Men in the New Nation (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007)
  • All Our Relations: Blood Ties and Emotional Bonds Among the Early South Carolina Gentry (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000)

Journal Articles

  • "An Education in Southern Masculinity: The Ball Family of South Carolina in the New Republic," The Journal of Southern History 69 (2003): 39-71.
  • "Between Two Cultures: The Worlds of Rosalie Stier Calvert," Maryland Historical Magazine, 1996.

 Edited Volumes

  • Death and the American South (Cambridge University Press, 2014) Edited with Craig Thompson Friend
  • Southern Manhood: Perspectives on Masculinity in the Old South (University of Georgia Press, 2004). Edited with Craig Thompson Friend


  • Discovering the American Past: To 1877 seventh edition, with William Bruce Wheeler and Susan Becker (Cengage, 2012)
  • Discovering the American Past: Since 1865 seventh edition, with William Bruce Wheeler and Susan Becker (Cengage, 2012)

Essays in Edited Volumes

  • "When ‘History becomes Fable instead of Fact': The Deaths and Resurrections of Virginia's Leading Revolutionaries," in Death and the American South, Craig Thompson Friend and Lorri Glover, editors (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
  • "The Colonial South," in Daniel Letwin, ed., The American South: A Reader and Guide (Edinburgh University Press, 2011)
  • "Making Southern Men: Education and Masculinity among the Early Republic Gentry," in Southern Manhood: Perspectives on Masculinity in the Old South, Craig Thompson Friend and Lorri Glover, editors (University of Georgia Press, 2004)

Graduate Students

  • Ivy McIntyre, Ph.D.