T. Michael Ruddy

Professor (Retired)

Former Director of Graduate Studies

E-mail: ruddytm@slu.edu


Ph.D., Kent State University, 1973;

M.A., Creighton University, 1970;

A.B., Rockhurst College, 1968.






My primary area of research is Modern America, more specifically U.S. foreign policy from the time of World War II. In recent years, my research has focused on two topics. First, I have been examining America's Cold War relations with the neutral states of Europe. Relatively little work has been done on relations with nations like Sweden, Finland, and Austria, which tried to steer an independent course as Europe divided into the two blocs dominated by the Soviet Union and the United States. Materials in the National Archives in Washington, DC, and in the various Presidential Libraries offer a wealth of documentation showing how America's relationship with these states evolved from suspicion to acceptance. My second area of interest is in the McCarthy era. Recently declassified material, such as the VENONA files, allows the historian to reexamine this controversial period and offers a more nuanced understanding of the anti-Communist activities of politicians such as Senator Joseph McCarthy and figures accused of espionage, such as Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Honors and Fellowships:

  • Fulbright Lectureship, University of Joensuu, Finland, 1983-84
  • Finlandia Foundation Grant, 1997

Recent Courses Taught:

  • U.S. Diplomacy Since 1945
  • Prosperity, Depression, and War, America from 1920 to 1945
  • Seminar: Spies in the McCarthy Era
  • Seminar: Vietnam at Home and Abroad

Scholarly Publications:


  • Jimmy Carter: Politician With Principles (Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishing Inc, 2011).
  • Damning the Dam: The St. Louis District Corps of Engineers and the Controversy over the Meramec Basin Project from Inception to Deauthorization (Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1993).
  • The Cautious Diplomat: Charles E. Bohlen and the Soviet Union, 1929-1969 (Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 1986).

Journal Articles

  • "U.S. Foreign Policy, the 'Third Force,' and European Union: Eisenhower and Europe's Neutrals," Midwest Quarterly 42 (2000): 67-80.
  • "The Bohlen and Thayer Affairs: A Case Study in the Eisenhower Administration's Approach to Senator Joseph McCarthy," Mid-America 72 (1990): 119-33. (Co-author).
  • "A Cautious Approach to the Militarization of Containment," The Historian 48 (1986): 394-411.
  • "The New Deal: Blueprint for Postwar America," Dimensions in American Studies 25 (1986): 39-48.
  • "A History of Law Course: The Merger of Career-Oriented and Value-Oriented Historical Study," Teaching History: A Journal of Methods 6 (1982): 15-20.
  • "Myth in Progress: Harry Truman and the Meeting at Potsdam," American Studies 18 (1977): 99-106. (Co-author).
  • "Realist Versus Realist: Bohlen, Kennan, and the Inception of the Cold War," Midwest Quarterly 17 (1976): 122-41.

Edited Volumes

  • The Alger Hiss Espionage Case (Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing, 2004).
  • Charting an Independent Course: Finland's Place in the Cold War and in U.S. Foreign Policy (Claremont, CA: Regina Books, 1998).

Essays in Edited Volumes

  • "The Truman Administration and Cold War Neutrals," in A Companion to Harry S. Truman, ed. Daniel S. Margolies (Waltham, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 2012), pp. 436-452.
  • "Military Alliances and Coalition Warfare in U.S. History," pp. 593-603. in A Companion to American Military History, ed. James Bradford (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2009), pp. 593-603.
  • "Grenzen der Solidarität: Die Bundesrepublik, die USA und der Krieg in Vietnam," in Die USA und Deutschland im Zeitalter des Kalten Krieges, 1968-1990, ed. Detlef Junker (Munich: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 2001), 2: 200-10.
  • "European Integration, the Neutrals, and U.S. Security Interests," in Die Europaischen Neutralen und die Integration, eds. Rolf Steininger and Michael Gehler (Vienna: Bohlau, 1999), pp. 113-28.
  • "Confronting Cold War Neutralism: The Eisenhower Administration and Finland: A Case Study," in The Romance of History: Essays in Honor of Lawrence S. Kaplan, eds. E. Timothy Smith and Scott L. Bills (Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 1997), pp. 196-213.
  • "The Nadir of European Glory: The Impact of the Cold War on Europe," in Problems in European History, ed. Harry T. Parker (Durham, NC: Moore Publishing, 1979), pp. 296-306.
  • "Charles E. Bohlen: Political Realist," in Perspectives in American Diplomacy, ed. Jules Davids (New York: Arno Press, 1976), pp. 321-34.

Graduate Students:

  • Aleksey Kazakevich
  • Joshua Mather
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