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Frequently Asked Questions About the Graduate Program

What is the deadline for submitting applications to the program?

January 15. Applicants are encouraged, however, to submit earlier if possible.

Must I major in History to be admitted into the program?

A degree in History is helpful, but not required.

What is the size of your Graduate Program?

At present we have 59 students at all levels of progress.

Where do your graduate students come from?

From across the country as well as overseas. Recently admitted students have come from such places as Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, the University of London, and Emory University.

Do your graduate students get good jobs?

Yes. We have a good placement record with our recent Ph.D.s. For a list of some of our most recent graduate students to accept academic positions, click here.

When are funding decisions made?

At the same time as admissions decisions. Admitted students who do not receive funding immediately are placed on a waiting list.

Can I visit your campus?

Of course. In order to make your visit as profitable and informative as possible we suggest that you contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Damian Smith, well ahead of your arrival. He can arrange a time to meet with you to answer any questions you might have about the program. He can also schedule an appointment for you with a faculty member in your desired field. In addition, he will arrange for a current History graduate student to meet you and provide a tour of the campus.

Still have questions? Send them to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Damian Smith.

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