Nicholas Boysel


Nicholas Boysel is a PhD Candidate at Saint Louis University, whose dissertation focuses on the monastery of San Millan de La Cogolla from the 11th to the 13th centuries. By examining the monasteries relationships with the community, the crown, and the other religious institutions of the Rioja region of Spain, he hopes to provide insight into the complicated religious, political, and social dynamics of this tumultuous time in Spanish history. His research will also examine the forces that led the monks of San Millan to develop new aspects of their patron saint in order to gain support from the crown of Castile, and counter the aggressive ambitions of other monastic houses nearby. Nic has been able to share a few aspects of this dissertation at the first and second annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance studies.

Prior to becoming a graduate student at SLU, Nic earned his master's degree at the University of Akron, and also served as an adjunct professor there. He also served for seven years in the United states Army. He currently works as an adjunct professor at SLU.

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