The American historians at Saint Louis University reflect our city’s location, at the crossroads of North and South, East and West. Our interests range from environmental history to diplomacy, from intercultural encounters to constitution making. We share a commitment to academic excellence and a dedication to preparing students to succeed as practicing historians, teachers, and intellectuals.


The Department of History offers instruction for both the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in U.S. history. Both programs enable students to receive a broad education in American history, learn about current issues in historical research, and gain experience in research and writing. Programs of study are individually tailored to each student’s interests and needs, and emphasize intellectual development, writing skills, and practical professional applications. Our students also participate in academic and professional programs and take courses though the American Studies Department, African American Studies Program, Center for Intercultural Studies, and Women’s Studies Program.

Our Students

    • share their work at AHA, SHA, SHEAR, SHAFR, and OAH—all with specific funding for their travel and research.

    • enrich their intellectual development and sense of community through the American History Forum, an on-going seminar series that encourages intellectual exchange and fosters community among American history graduate students and faculty. The AHF brings to campus visiting scholars, organizes workshops, and coordinates student and faculty research presentations

    • enjoy easy access to the city’s rich and diverse range of archival repositories, including the Missouri History Museum Research Center, the Slave Freedom Suits Collection of the U.S. District Court Project, the National Archives in Saint Louis, and the Mercantile Library.   


Stefan Bradley, African American History, Recent U.S.

Flannery Burke, Western/Borderlands History, Environment, Gender

Lorri Glover, Early America, Gender and Family, Southern History

Torrie Hester, Immigration, Ethnicity, Law

Nathaniel Millett, Early America, Atlantic World, Borderlands

Silvana Siddali, Nineteenth-Century Political Culture, Constitutionalism

Michal Rozbicki, Early America, Cross-Cultural Studies

Katrina Thompson, African American History, Popular Culture, Gender

Dissertations in Progress, 2015

The Cultural Roots of New York Loyalist Political Ideology

Stephen Kissel, "Pioneering Communities: People and Religion in the Old Northwest"

Christopher Schnell, "The Lawyers' Frontier: The Professionalization of the Bar and the Middle Class Family in Abraham Lincoln's Midwest"

Recently Completed Dissertations, 2015

Michael Karp, "Lifting the Redwood Curtain: Work, Violence, and Environment, 1850-1948" (2015)

Ivy Farr McIntyre, "Families in Extremis: South Carolina in the Early Republic" (2015)

Joshua Mather, "Citizens of Compassion: Relief, Development, and State-Private Cooperation in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1941-1973" (2015)

Amy Wallhermfechtel, "Cecil B. DeMille and the Right to Work" (2015)

Scott McDermott, "Body of Liberties: Godly Constitutionalism and the Origin of Written Fundamental Law in Massachusetts, 1634-1691" (2014)

John O'Brien, "The Mechanic-Statesman and the Military Chieftain: Defining and Defending Liberty and Union in Tennessee, 1852-1868" (2014)

Luke Ritter, "Anti-Catholic America: Nativism and Religious Freedom in the Antebellum West" (2014)



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