Medieval History Graduate Program

Visigothic CrossThe Graduate Program in Medieval History at Saint Louis University is one of the oldest in the country, granting its first Ph.D. in 1930. Today we continue that tradition by offering a rigorous course of graduate study in a variety of chronological and geographical specialties. The goal of the program is to prepare students for teaching in universities, colleges, and other educational institutions as well as for careers in research, writing, and editing historical works. The strengths of the program are its distinguished faculty members, extraordinary resources, and association with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The Medieval History Graduate Program at Saint Louis University is the largest in the United States, with eight full-time faculty members in the Department of History alone and more than two dozen additional medievalists across campus.


The Department of History offers courses of study leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. Students receive a broad education in medieval European history while specializing in a variety of topics including the medieval Church, the Crusades, the Mediterranean world, and the Byzantine Empire. Our faculty members, which include some of the most distinguished medieval historians in the world, work closely with students. Because medieval studies are a central focus of the humanities at Saint Louis University, students can augment their work with courses in other academic departments. Additional opportunities for graduate research and funding are available in the department's Medieval and Renaissance Italy Prosopographical Database Project as well as the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. The well-known Crusades Studies Forum was originally founded by graduate students in the program and it continues to be very active in the U.S. and abroad.

Library Resources

Saint Louis University's main library contains approximately 2.5 million volumes with exceptionally rich holdings in medieval history, including most major source collections and scholarly journals relevant to medieval subjects. The library also has an impressive array of electronic resources for medieval scholars. These include online and electronic versions of the Patrologia Latina, the International Medieval Bibliography, and Corpus Christianorum. The Rare Book Room holds many thousands of printed volumes and manuscripts.

A resource unique to Saint Louis University is the Vatican Film Library. This magnificent collection of 37,000 codices is a virtually complete copy of the Vatican Library in Rome. It is an invaluable resource not only for graduate students, but also for scholars from across the globe who travel to St. Louis to consult it.

Through the library's on-line catalogs students are able to access and check-out materials not only from Saint Louis University, but also from a wide array of Missouri schools, including Washington University and the University of Missouri.

Medieval History Faculty

Douglas R. Boin, Ph.D. (Texas), Assistant Professor of Late Antique History

Thomas J. Finan, Ph.D. (Catholic), Assistant Professor of Medieval History

Francisco Garcia-Serrano, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley), Professor of Medieval History

Thomas F. Madden, Ph.D. (Illinois), Professor of Medieval History

Steven A. Schoenig, S.J., Ph.D. (Columbia), Assistant Professor of Medieval History

Damian J. Smith, Ph.D. (Birmingham), Associate Professor of Medieval History

Warren Treadgold, Ph.D. (Harvard), NEH Professor of Byzantine History

Luke B. Yarbrough, Ph.D. (Princeton), Assistant Professor of Medieval Islamic History

Additional Faculty in Medieval Studies

  • Paul Acker, Ph.D. (Brown), Associate Professor of Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian Literature
  • Simone Bregni, Ph.D. (Connecticut), Associate Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Italian
  • Susan Brower-Toland, Ph.D. (Cornell), Associate Professor of Medieval Philosophy
  • Ronald Crown, Ph.D. (Oxford), Librarian
  • Anthony Daly, S.J. (UCLA), Associate Professor of Byzantine Studies
  • John P. Doyle, Ph.D. (Toronto), Emeritus Professor of Medieval Philosophy
  • Ruth Evans, Ph.D. (Leeds), Dorothy McBridge Orthwein Professor of Medieval Literature
  • Cathleen Fleck, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), Assistant Professor of Medieval Art
  • James Ginther, Ph.D. (Toronto), Professor of Medieval Theology
  • Jay M Hammond, Ph.D. (Saint Louis), Associate Professor of Medieval Theology
  • Joan Hart-Hasler, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medieval Latin
  • Antony J. Hasler, Ph.D. (Cambridge), Associate Professor Medieval Literature
  • Steven B. Hawkes-Teeples, S.J., Assistant Professor of Medieval Christianity
  • J. A. Wayne Hellmann, O.F.M., Th.D. (Munich), Professor of Medieval Theology
  • Julia R. Lieberman, Ph.D. (Yale), Professor of Medieval Spanish
  • Susan L'Engle, Ph.D. (NYU Institute of Fine Arts), Assistant Vatican Film Librarian
  • Kathleen Llewellyn, Ph.D. (Washington), Associate Professor of Medieval French
  • Jack C. Marler, Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor of Medieval Philosophy
  • Peter W. Martens, Ph.D. (Notre Dame), Assistant Professor of Greek Patristics
  • Colleen McCluskey, Ph.D. (Iowa), Associate Professor of Medieval Philosophy
  • Evelyn Meyer, Ph.D. (Minnesota), Associate Professor Medieval German
  • David V. Meconi, S.J., Ph.D. (Oxford), Assistant Professor of Patristics
  • Ana Montero, Ph.D. (Michigan), Associate Professor of Medieval Spanish
  • David T. Murphy, Ph.D. (Columbia), Professor of Medieval Slavic Languages
  • Tomás O'Sullivan, Ph.D. (Saint Louis), Assistant Professor of Medieval Christianity
  • Gregory A. Pass, Ph.D. (Harvard), Vatican Film Librarian
  • Claude Pavur, S.J., Ph.D. (Emory), Associate Professor of Classical and Medieval Languages
  • John Renard, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Medieval and Early Modern Islam
  • Thomas Shippey, Ph.D. (Cambridge), Emeritus Professor of Medieval English Literature
  • Kenneth Steinhauser, Th.D. (Freiburg), Professor of Patristic Studies
  • Eleonore Stump, Ph.D. (Cornell), Robert J. Henle Professor of Medieval Philosophy

More Information

For more information see the Department of History's Graduate Studies page or contact one of our faculty members directly.


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