Jason Fossella

Doctoral Student

E-mail: jfossell@slu.edu


M.A., History, Louisiana Tech University, 2009;

B.A., Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2004.




Year Matriculated into Graduate Program
Fall 2009

Graduate Field
Medieval European History

Byzantium, Social and economic history


  • "Addenda to the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire: Seven agentes in rebus," Historia: Zeitschrift für alte Geschichte 61.2 (2012): 254‐5.

Dissertation and Advisor

Dissertation: Eyes of the Emperor: The Byzantine Postal and Intelligence Service, 518-1204

This dissertation is a study of the Byzantine state post, or dromos. Although parts of the post, which delivered documents and occasionally packages for government officials, have been studied before, there has never been a comprehensive study of the post across all its functions and across the entire span of Byzantine history. The state post was a more important institution in the premodern era than its modern equivalent because, as the only institution capable of reliable long distance communication, it was responsible not only for internal communication, but also foreign affairs and intelligence gathering. For this reason, the minister of the post, or logothete of the dromos, was often the most important official, acting as a sort of prime minister. An understanding of the post will therefore be invaluable to our understanding of the operations of the Byzantine state.

Advisor: Warren Treadgold

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