Saint Louis University

The Department of History offers a number of teaching and research assistantships as well as fellowships to assist graduate students. Students holding teaching assistantships will be assigned to lead weekly discussion sections in introductory history classes. Teaching assistants are required to take a teaching practicum to familiarize themselves with textbooks, audio-visual materials, and teaching techniques on the undergraduate level. Advanced students will also be offered opportunities to teach their own undergraduate courses.

Research assistantships are available through the department, the College of Arts & Sciences,faculty grants, and endowed funds. In addition, the department provides travel and research support through an internal fund.

Graduate fellowships are offered through the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Assistantships are renewable for up to five years for students demonstrating progress toward the degree and performing duties satisfactorily.

Department of History Travel Funds for Graduate Students

The 1818 fund provides reimbursement of expenses for graduate students to present papers or participate in panels at conferences, as well as reimbursement of expenses for research travel to collections. Graduate students who apply for travel money for conferences in Europe or for travel to collections in Europe will automatically be considered for grants from the Mathews Fund. The deadline for both funds is October 15, although applications will be considered beyond that date if there are still resources available.  To apply, please fill out the College of Arts and Sciences travel pre-approval form (domestic or international, as appropriate), but instead of sending it to the College of Arts and Sciences, send it to Christine Pudlowski at

For additional assistantship opportunities, please visit the Graduate Education website.