Frank Krajewski


M.A. Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut, 2007
B.A. Classics, magna cum laude, Connecticut College, 1999
B.A. History, University of Virginia, 1994

Year Matriculated into Graduate Program:
Fall 2008

Graduate Field:
Medieval European History

Byzantine history, Byzantine chronicles, Late Antiquity, Church history

Dissertation and Advisor

Dissertation: "Sixth-Century Byzantine World Chronicles"

Abstract: The dissertation looks at Byzantine chronicles in the sixth century as they relate to fifth-century Roman history. The historians of the era after the fall of the Western Roman Empire wrote primarily chronicles, which were a synthesis of Greco-Roman mythology, Old Testament history, and Roman historical sources. The dissertation examines John of Antioch, John Malalas, and Evagrius Scholasticus, in both historical terms and in terms of literary merit. The relationship between Greek chronicles and Latin sources, both lost and existing, is also a key component of this work. Lost works like Eustathius of Ephiphaneia, and the later Byzantine chronicles, are key to understanding how these works were created and preserved, and how the Byzantine historians understood the Roman past.

Advisor: Warren Treadgold

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