Masters degree program in World History

The Department of History at Saint Louis University announces an innovative new Masters Degree Program in World History.  Drawing on the History faculty's broad geographical expertise and research strengths in trans-regional topics, the M.A. program trains students in the discipline of world history and prepares them for academic and professional engagement with global affairs. Saint Louis University offers unique opportunities and resources for students interested in analyzing religion, culture, language, medicine, migration, ecology, empire, and trade in a variety of global contexts from the classical age to the modern period. The Vatican Film Library and Rare Book Collection at Pius XII Memorial Library is complemented by a number of research centers in St. Louis, such as The Bernard Becker Medical Library at Washington University, The Missouri Historical Society, and the Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri (St. Louis). These collections provide a remarkably rich range of sources for world historical study. Consisting of 30 credits, including a methods course, research seminars, advanced courses on global themes, and a thesis, the M.A. in World History is ideal for beginning graduate students with aspirations for a Ph.D., teachers, and business and civil service professionals.

  • Explore the surprising connections, contrasts, and turning points of World History
  • Pursue your research interests under the guidance of world-class historians
  • Discover the Department's unusual chronological depth in World History
  • Connect the lessons of World History to current global challenges
  • Grow your academic and professional networks
  • Practice cross-cultural communication at a Jesuit university that lies in a long tradition of global and social awareness
  • Live and learn in an accessible and multicultural urban setting
  • Gain the skills and qualifications to teach a variety of historical topics at the secondary and post-secondary levels
  • Prepare for higher Ph.D. work in a variety of historical fields
  • Benefit from a flexible curriculum that includes evening classes and independent work


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