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Race, Ethnicity and Culture Graduate Program


MA Degree in Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in the United States
Saint Louis University's exciting new Master's Degree in the history of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in the U.S. offers an introduction to the most innovative thinking on race, ethnicity, culture and other categories of difference, in order to better understand their role and impact in United States history.
Our program is of vital importance in carrying out Saint Louis University's mission, which welcomes students, faculty and staff from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds and beliefs, and creates a sense of community that facilitates their development as men and women for others. Our Master's Degree will build intellectual bridges between innovative research in race, ethnicity, and culture in a vibrant academic setting.
The R.E.C. MA program requires 27 credit hours, including an introductory methods course, two research seminars, six readings courses, and an optional Master's thesis.

Professor Stefan Bradley: Director, African-American Studies Program. Research interests include civil rights history; African-American youth movements; contemporary Black America; Race and Athletics in the 20th Century

Professor Flannery Burke: Western history; Native American history, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.

Professor Lorri Glover: gender, family, and masculinity in the U.S. colonial and early national eras.


Professor Torrie Hester: Immigration history; Latin-American / U.S. history; Deportation

Professor Nathaniel Millett: African-American history; Atlantic World Slavery; Native-American and African-American interactions; Borderlands history.

Professor Michal Rozbicki: Cross-cultural encounters; cultural history

Professor Silvana Siddali: the history of legal and constitutional civil liberties, history of race and discrimination in the 19th century; emancipation; free black communities in the Old Northwest

Professor Katrina Thompson; Slavery in Film and Popular Culture; Contemporary Black America; Spirituals, Motown and Hip Hop: African American Social History in Music; History of African Americans in Mass Media


Research Resources
The Missouri State Historical Society's Western Manuscripts Collection has a strong focus on African American history, ranging from slavery through mid-19th century discrimination / segregation in St. Louis

Missouri Historical Society: early 19th century Native American history; slavery papers; history of early 20th century discrimination against Africa-Americans;  National Records Personnel Records facility (especially African-American service men and women)

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