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The ordinary prerequisite is a B.A. in History (or at least 18 hours of successful work in upper-division courses in History), though students from other fields with strong backgrounds in History will also receive consideration. Applicants with different majors who possess strong backgrounds in History and  will be considered.


Masters students choose a specialized area of study in Late Antique, Byzantine, Medieval European, Early Modern European, Byzantine History Modern European,  American or World History. The masters program requires thirty hours of coursework  Twelve hours of the coursework must be in the student's major field. As part of the thirty hours of coursework, students are required to take HIST 500, a three-hour introductory course in their major field, and at least one research seminar. They may take other introductory courses with the approval of their advisor. A maximum of six credit-hours may be taken in academic fields other than history.

A two-hour written examination in the major field is required of all M.A. students upon completion of the thirty hours of coursework.  Six hours of the total course work may be in the form of a thesis directed by a member of the department. Students are permitted to take no more than six hours advanced undergraduate courses as part of their overall program.  For more detailed information, please see the Graduate Studies Handbook.

Language Requirement

Proof of competency in one foreign language is required through a written examination administered by the department or successful completion of graduate translation courses. U.S. history students can satisfy the second language by demonstrating a higher level of competence in the first language.

Masters Student Resources

Masters Reading List

For more information you may contact the Graduate School at 314-977-2240; Masters Candidacy Advisor, Cherell Johnson 977-3943.