Phillip Mazero


Phillip is a doctoral candidate in the History Department, focusing on interactions between Venice and the Byzantine Empire. His research interests include medieval aristocratic culture, Byzantine eunuchs, and Byzantine administrative developments during the Macedonian Dynasty (867-1056). Titled Frontier Politics: Veneto-Byzantine Relations, Imperial Hegemony, and Civic Identity, 697-1126, his dissertation explores the development of Venice within the context of imperial frontier policy and developments. Phillip's project draws upon a diffuse array of German, Italian, and Byzantine chronicles, as well as Venetian monastic and state archival records.

In 2014, Phillip was awarded a Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation Grant to fund doctoral research in Venice, Italy. The same year he also received an international travel grant from the History Department at Saint Louis University. He is currently a member of the leadership committee for the History Graduate Student Association, which aims to foster community, cooperation, and communication among the graduate student body by organizing student-led social events and collaborative programs for academic, professional, and personal support.

Prior to attending Saint Louis University, Phillip received a B.A. in History from Millersville University where he was awarded the Louis & Margarete Koppel Award in European History for his senior honors thesis on the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Empire.

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